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This day in WW2 October 7th

Updated on October 18, 2012


German troops enter Romania to implement a restructure of their allies armed forces and to safeguard vital oil infrastructure.


Eastern Front - Heavy fighting across the entire front. The Russians withdraw from Orel.



Guadalcanal - The 1st Marine Division with air and artillery support attack westwards and reach the mouth of the Matanikau river. In the South-West they take Hill 65, which overlooks the river and dig in. The marines immediate aim is to expand their positions so that Henderson field is out of range of Japanese artillery.


Eastern Front - The Russians liberate the rail centre of Nevel, North of Vitebsk. They cross the Dneipr in three places but German resistance is stiffening.

Italy - The American 5th Army prepares for attacks on the Volturno line Scheduled for October 9th but later postponed until the 12th. In the Eastern sector the 78th Division (British XIII Corps) lands in the Biferno bridgehead. The Germans withdraw across the Trigno.


Western Europe - Battle of the Scheldt continues with the Canadian 3rd Division reinforcements are held away from the Leopold Canal bridgeheads by fierce German Resistance.

The US XX Corps captures Wormeldange and liberates Luxembourg as far as the Moselle. German counte-attacks 6 miles North of Metz slow down the progress of the US 90th Division. However US units are able to reach the city in the ensuing fighting.

Italy - The V Corps (8th Army) launches an offensive against the Rubicon. Units of the US IV and II Corps advance in the Monte Stanco, Castelnuovo di Bisano and Monte Cavallara sectors.

Pacific - Marianas based US aircraft stage the Heaviest raids to date against Iwo Jima.

Palau Islands - The failure of further attacks by the US 5th marines supported by tanks on Mount Umurbrogol leads commaders to temporarily suspended operations against the Japanese strong point.

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