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I need your thoughts, on Adult Bullying

Updated on June 1, 2017

Adult Bullying


In the beginning

It all started on May 25th 2015, when I had to move into a new home, I was unfamiliar with the area or the environment surrounding it. The neighbors appeared to me nice, the children were all pleasant and respectful, or so i thought. So there i was a U-haul filled with my most prize possessions, that needed to be unloaded, yet I had no-one to help me unload it.

So i spotted some neighborhood kids ages ranging from 10 to 16, so i chose the strongest 4 and I offered each boy $65 to help me unload the truck, not knowing that they had never seen that type of money before.

While they were unloading the truck i noticed that they appeared to be going through my belongings taking any coins or money they found, at that point i didn't really care i just wanted the items into the house before night fall.

An entire truck load of item and furniture was placed in the house or i should say piled into the house, from floor to ceiling and in almost every room, i paid the young men and sent them on their way, the next day several of them returned and asked me if i needed anymore help, i replied yes, i needed their assistance in the basement with the arranging of the washer and dryer.

I left them alone in the basement, thinking what type of damage or havoc could they cause down there, when they were done, one of them deliberately left the basement door unlocked and open, so that they could return later and have easy access to my house, how do i know this? because I caught him unlocking the door, so i told all of them to get out of my house and they left.

Home Invasions and Personal Property Damage


Personal Property Damage

The 6th month that i was i my house i came out to my car to find that the fuel line had been torn a-loose from my car, and it was lying on the ground beside the car, so i had to have my car towed into meineke who charged me $215.00 to repair it, and 2 days later it was torn off again, so this time i took it to a repair shop called Mr Bills automotive repair.

Mr Bill charged me $65.00 because I ordered the fuel line and filter and brought it in with me. The next incident happened 2 weeks after the first one, I came out to my car and all of the rubber around the windows had been cut out of the windows and was lying outside of the car, every window had been stripped of it's rubber leaving them exposed to water and any other type of elements that wanted to get inside of the car.

It was apparent that they were trying to gain access to the motors in the door so that they could open up the doors. The thief also get into my trunk and took my battery cables, the kicker box and some of my tools like the socket set and god only knows what else.

Remember the boys that i paid to unload the uhaul well those boys are a part of a gang called D'monte crew they go around the neighborhood burglarizing homes and cars, ironically they already knew everything that i had inside my home considering they had put it there.

Richard's address at 4212 Smithfield Pl. Saint Louis MO 63134

The Sexual Harrasment

About 2 days after i moved into the home, a male neighbor who lives directly behind my house who i later came to know as Rick, knocked on my door, and asked me if i would lend him $5.00 dollars so that he could buy some cigarettes, I gave him the money and introduced my self and i then closed the door.

After that day it seemed like every other day, this guy was knocking on my door asking for something, money, food, alcohol, but he never attempted to repay me. The next time he knocked i was fed up, i told him look, im on a fixed income and can't afford to support your habits, so you will have to ask someone else.

About a week there after Rick returned and asked if he could talk to me, so i stepped out onto my porch, where he proceeded to tell me that he liked me and wanted to date me, I'm always polite, so i told him, that i wasn't interested in dating him, but as neighbors we could be friends, at which time he told me that he didn't want to be friends, so i told him oh well then please decease and desist on knocking on my door.

One-day while i was changing the o-rings on my Buick, Rick walked up behind me and put his arm and hand around my waistline, not only did it frighten the heck out of me, but it made my flesh crawl, i told him not to ever put his hands on me again, so he left walking towards his own house.

He left with very bruised, and wounded ego, I had no idea the amount of trauma, nor terror that would lye ahead for me. That peaceful and naive life that i once knew and lived and loved, was about to take a change for the worst.

The Stalker/The Harasser/The Scorned

Every night Richard walks around my house, from back yard to front and I have the camera footage to prove it. He preforms for the cameras, he also throws fire into my backyard, the police nor i know what he throws, but he does it to intimidate my dog which is a rottweiler, the dog is scared to death of him, and quite frankly so am I.

Richard is the local drug dealer to all of the fends in the area, he sells everything from marijuana to crack cocaine, the police have raided him many times but they can never find the drugs.

One day I saw where he was stashing the drugs from my kitchen window, it was inside of the siding of his home, he saw me watching him hide it, so he moved it to a new place inside of the siding behind his house.

Richard's Victory Dance

After watching Richard speaking with several of his drug client's and my neighbors he returned to his house apparently happy with the success he had of recruiting them, to walk by my house with their cell phones brightly lit and raised towards the surveillance cameras, knowing that the brightness of the cell phones would damage my eyes.

Damn Guerrilla man, looks like he's having some type of fit, he is so gross and down right hideous, i wouldn't date this guy if he was the last animal on earth.

The Raging Fire in the backyard

This man set his own backyard on fire with flames reaching over 15 feet tall, so do you wonder why I freak out, when he throws fire into my backyard, where my dog lives, it's not funny to me, and the police well they are worthless, not to say all of them are, I have had to call the police and some of them have had enough of this guy and will put him in handcuffs, while others are passive and just don't care.

This would be the Bel-Ridge police department in Saint Louis Missouri. Please pay close attention the the upper right hand side of the screen, you can witness the flames getting out of control.

That's me standing on the back porch calling the police and fire department, because just inches from those flames is my garage which houses my Mustang convertible that i happen t love dearly.

Walking Around my house

He wins, in the end

I can't take it anymore it's been 3 long years of hell, and all because i said no to his sexual advances, i wonder if the neighbors even wonder why he's recruiting them to antagonize me, and what would they do if it was happening to them, or one of their family members, or even their daughter or son.

Would they be so quick to jump on his band wagon, oh yeah keep in mind this is a high drug trafficking area, with heavy drug users and dealers, and then there is little ole me, non drug user, non drinker six different degrees, who just so happened to move into a drug infested area, because i fell in love with a 84 year old Caucasian lady who just so happened to be my BFF/home owner/landlord, Ms Annette treated me like a daughter.

She died a few months ago, leaving me to deal with an area infected with drugs and poverty, and sexual offenders, and prostitutes, drunkards, and addicts, but I love her just the same, who knows maybe she thought I would be the one who could save the people, and make this area a better place.

Well sorry to disappoint her, but sometimes people don't want to be saved, sometimes they like being a product of their own environment just fine, and they can have it.

All afternoon i have been watching a uhaul truck make trips out of this area, packing up loads of stuff, and dropping it off somewhere else, good for them they are probably amongst the one's who have previously been robbed, and they too have had enough either way they are getting the hell out of here.

Thank you for reading my post

If you're experiencing Bullying or something similar you are not alone

I'm reaching out to all that are human, and who have a heart, those who love children and animals alike as well as woman who have the right to say no, when they're not interested in dating someone.

The people who support the victims of this type of violence, if you live in the Saint Louis county area and want to see this mans behavior first hand, his address is mentioned in this story go and see this for yourself, and you be the judge of the different crimes he's committing.

I have personally invested thousands of my own dollars into this rental house in order to make it a home, and at the end of the day I will simply have to chalk it up to a loss, because I'm fighting the great fight alone.

I tried everything I purchased surveillance cameras, a large dog for protection, alarms for the windows and doors, bars and braces for the doors and in the end all i did was create a private prison for me and my animals, the large backyard that we keep well manicured we are not allowed to enjoy, for fear that he will shoot at us, oh yeah did i mention the 9 millimeter bullet-hole directly above the back light where he tried to shoot out the back light.

Yeah! so please leave your comments, advice words of wisdom, things you would have tried before up rooting and relocating, and remember I wasn't just fighting Richard's unwanted sexual advances, but the entire drug community who stood behind him. Thank you so much for reading my post.


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