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Tips for Student Success {Helpful Hints from Kanar's 'The Confident Student'}

Updated on April 19, 2013
Use the PACE strategies to help you succeed in school.
Use the PACE strategies to help you succeed in school. | Source

Succeeding in college is dependent upon a student putting in hard work and trying their best at their school work. Although some success is dependent upon the rigor of the course and the student's innate intelligence much of the success is due to habits a student has while in college.

So just how can a student succeed? The following article gives some pointers on how to study and how to become a confident student.

How to Ask Questions with Confidence

Stay on Topic

  • Stay up-to-date on assignments
  • Avoid questions already answered in text in class

Check your Tone

  • Serious questions get serious answers
  • Avoid sarcasm

Choose the Right Time

  • Wait for pauses in lecture
  • Avoid interrupting others

Establish Trust

  • Make eye contact
  • Avoid negative body language

Remember, asking the right questions demonstrates your ability to think creatively and critically, and gives your instructor the right impression of you. Not only will your question help you, but it may help your classmates as well.

Tips for thinking Critically and Creatively

· Ask Questions — Use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide

· Prepare to Learn — Build a background, test assumptions and predict topics and outcomes

· Make Inferences — Read and listen for meaning, build upon previous knowledge, become familiar with new or unfamiliar terms

· Evaluate — Are your resources objective, reliable, useful?


Confident students don't let their impulses control them; they stay healthy both emotionally and physically.

How can you get the most out of class? PACE yourself!

P PREPARE for class

A be an ACTIVE listener

C COMMIT to a good note-taking system

E ENGAGE in learning with others

Four Keys to College Success

1. Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Surround yourself with people of varied strengths and learning styles.

2. Discover your learning style

Learning style= method you find more pleasant to learn

3. Adapt to other learning/teaching styles

Focus on how you can learn, not what you don't like about the teaching or learning style

4. Develop critical thinking and learning strategies

Learn to study smarter, more efficiently and productively

Tips for Avoiding Procrastination

· Divide projects into smaller, manageable segments

· Schedule enough time to complete the project

· Get organized early-on

· Determine what you need to do

· Be confident

· Choose a good study environment, free from distractions


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