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Tired of Being Bullied at School and Don't Know What To Do?

Updated on January 23, 2013

It's no fun being bullied.


Answers For Students

It could be in the hallway at the water fountain, in the class room while the teacher isn’t watching, at recess, the cafeteria, in the bathroom, on the bus, it could be anywhere and it could be all of those places.

Someone at school is doing something or saying something to you and you’re tired of it. You want it to stop! You’ve told the teacher but it hasn’t stopped. He or she, the bully, is still bothering you. Maybe they are calling you mean names; maybe they make fun of you and embarrass you. Perhaps they are being a physical bully, hitting, pushing, tripping, or slapping you. Then after they do it they say, “I was only kidding.” Or “We’re just playing.”

It is hard to concentrate in class because of it; you don’t even look forward to coming to school because of it and YOU WANT IT TO STOP!

Someone is “picking on you”, “messing with you”, someone is bullying you. It doesn’t matter what name you give it….you just want it to stop.

There are a lot of students who feel the same way you do. You are not the only one who goes through this. Your school might even have an Anti-Bullying program which encourages you to tell someone at your school about it. You have thought about telling someone but you’re afraid if you do, the bully will take it out on you and it will only get worse. You might worry about looking like a tattletale or a snitch and worry about what others will say about you if you do tell. It doesn’t matter though. Nothing will change unless you DO TELL SOMEONE at school.

If you are tired of it and want it to stop, then YOU HAVE TO TELL someone. You could tell a friend, a classmate, a teacher or any adult in the building. If you do tell an adult what will happen? The adult will alert the person in your school who handles bullying situations. In most cases it will be the Principal or Assistant Principal. They will talk to the person who is bullying you and try to figure out why this person is doing this. They will probably also call the bullies parents and let them know what their child has been doing. The bully could get detention or even suspended or some other form of discipline. The school will also try to get this person help so they will stop bullying. If this person is bullying you, they are probably bullying other students as well. Most importantly, it will let the adults in the building know that this person needs to be watched more closely so they cant continue bullying.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but I already told someone at my school and it stopped for awhile and now the person is doing it again.” Maybe you don’t feel like telling again. Maybe you feel like nothing was done the first time so why bother telling again. WRONG! TELL AGAIN! REPORT IT AGAIN! Keep reporting it until it stops! If you tell a teacher and it doesn’t stop or nothing is done about it, tell another teacher. If nothing happens, ask to see the counselor or Principal and tell them. Tell your parents. Tell everyone you can think of until someone listens and someone does something to make it stop. If you still feel like nothing is being done…..tell me. Write a comment at the end of this article with the name of your school, the city and state you are in and I will email the school myself and let them know there is a problem. Bullying will not end until you are willing to report it. You will feel a lot better once you do!

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