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Today's Food Prices Rising

Updated on April 18, 2013

Why will this happen?

Food prices are actively rising again. With the nuclear reactors exploding in Japan, we are even feeling the aftershocks here, in the U.S.A. This will cause some crops to be declared inedible, because radiation is poisonous. Other countries are getting Japan's aftershocks too. This will cause the world's food supply to get lower. Normally the U.S.A relies on other countries for some food, but other countries can't afford to give up as much anymore. They need it for themselves. This will cause food prices to climb even more.

For those of you who don't have much extra space for a garden, scroll down near the bottom of the page for your part.

What will be affected?

Mostly Vegetables and fruits will be affected, since they are grown on soil, which is affected by the radiation. Another thing that may be affected is milk, because cows may eat grass or hay that has radiation on it. So remember in 6 months at the grocery store why tomatoes are $4.00 a pound, and milk is $4 a gallon. Because they will be harder to find, therefore a price increase.


How Do We Stop This?

There is no way we can stop it this year. A way you can save money is by home gardening. Spending a couple dollars and some time and effort to grow 50 pounds of tomatoes, which is probably enough to feed your family for the entire year, will save you a great amount of money. See if you can visit a local Strawberry or other fruit-picking place. If you pick, say 20-50 quarts of strawberries, depending upon how many your family will need. You can buy them cheaper than the stores like this. All you have to do is freeze them and have them cheap, and whenever you want, even during Winter!


What will I do with all this food?

Well, now that you have all these tomatoes, what are you going to do with them? You can make spaghetti or pizza sauce. Try making some salsa, whatever tomato dishes you like. Then you will need to learn canning. Canning isn't very hard, but it is slightly time consuming. Try to get all your canning done within a certain period, before all your food rots. Now you will have lots of extra food, and cheap too! Buying jars might be costly at first, but you will save from it later.

I love this!

There is no reason you need to stop saving money on canning and gardening. You can repeat these steps every year, just try not to let your plants freeze. Eventually, you can actually start doing this by only buying seeds, as long as you already have your canning supplies.  As long as you have plenty of yard space, canning and growing food is an easy, fun, and good way to save money!

Those who don't have space for a garden.

This section is for those who can't grow food, due to limited space. Try looking for local food stores besides your local grocery stores. See if they sell bulk vegetables or fruit. Another thing you can do is scout out sales. If there is a great sale on blueberries, if you like them, don't avoid spending $50 at one time to give yourself enough blueberries for an entire year. Instead of buying them for $80 throughout the year, you can buy them for $50 all at one time, and just freeze them. As long as you have freezer space, this is a good way to go.


Thanks for Reading!

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Thanks for reading!


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