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Top-Rated Websites for TOEIC Exam Reviews – All for FREE

Updated on September 24, 2012
Review with free and high-quality resources on the internet for TOEIC Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking exams.
Review with free and high-quality resources on the internet for TOEIC Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking exams. | Source

TOEIC or the Test of English for International Communication is one the most in-demand English tests among business professionals around the world.

TOEIC measures the ability of non-native English speakers to use business English or English for the workplace.

Because TOEIC is a measure of business English, then thousands of companies use their employees’ TOEIC scores when deciding on employee promotions, overseas deployment, and even salary rate.

According to ETS, the TOEIC exam administrator, about 10,000 institutions in over 120 countries worldwide use TOEIC.

It is no wonder that in Asia, particularly in East Asia, hundreds of business professionals who are non-native English speakers spend thousands of dollars each year for TOEIC reviews with English tutors and in language schools.

They pay that much year in and year out until they are able to get the ideal TOEIC score of over 900, considered as the best possible score in TOEIC.

TOEIC exam reviews have become a big business, involving hundreds English tutors, sponsoring companies, and individually paying students.

Below is a list of top-rated websites that people can use when reviewing or giving review classes for TOEIC exams. All these sites are for free.

Review for TOEIC Exam with

Thus far the best TOEIC exam review site that I have stumbled upon is, a site that gives literally thousands of well-organized, well-thought-out, and free TOEIC exam preparation and simulation tests.

The preparation tests at include words that often come up in TOEIC exams; parts of speech like noun, pronoun, adjectives, adverbs, verb, prepositions, and interjections; and certain activities that can help students improve their word bank.

The simulation tests at the site include exercises that are almost like those in actual TOEIC Listening exams. These tests include picture descriptions, short conversations, questions-responses, and short talks.

In total, there are about 684 tests with 10 questions each at If students would go through all the exercises, then they can learn as much as 3,400 new English words.

These words do come from industries like administration, operations, manufacturing, purchasing, human resources, finance, information technology, health, travel, and corporate development.

Review for TOEIC Exam with Easy English on Line

Indeed an easy to follow and straightforward site that helps students prepare for TOEIC exam is Easy English on Line, created by Eduard Roose to help non-native English speakers improve their abilities to listen and understand spoken English in various accents as well as read and comprehend English texts.

Easy English on Line has TOEIC exam exercises related to reading comprehension, completing incomplete sentences, recognizing errors in sentences and phrases, and picture descriptions.

It also has exercises on understanding short talks, short conversations, as well as questions.

To use the site, it is necessary for students to have a shockwave plug-in.

Review for TOEIC Exam with

A site that gives out preparation exercises for the whole gamut of TOEIC exam is, which has useful exercises on TOEIC Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

For TOEIC Listening, asks English students to listen to recorded photograph descriptions, short conversations, short talks, and other recordings, and then answer succeeding questions.

For TOEIC Reading, it demands students to complete sentences and texts with proper words as well as comprehend written texts.

For TOEIC Speaking, it requests students to read aloud certain texts, describe a photo, respond to questions, propose solutions, and express opinions.

For TOEIC Writing, it asks students to write sentences to describe pictures, compose texts like e-mails and letters, and put together an opinion essay. also has a valuable listing of 20 tips that students ought to follow to review for TOEIC exam the effective and efficient way.

Review for TOEIC Exam with

Since TOEIC measures the ability of people to use English in the workplace, then it is pretty necessary for TOEIC exam test-takers to have a good command of business English. This is where becomes neat. zeroes in on grammar and gives out exercises that help students improve their grammar skills.

Some of the exercises cover general business English, sales and marketing, accounting, finance, information technology, and medical English.

Listening comprehension exercises are also included in

Review for TOEIC Exam with Internet TESL Journal and ETS

Internet TESL Journal or gives people a concise yet chock-full overview of the TOEIC exam, including its structure, listening comprehension section, reading comprehension section, and scores.

It also compares TOEIC with another popular English test called TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, an exam that measures the ability of non-native English speakers to use English in the academic setting.

It has additional information on frequency of TOEIC and TOEFL tests, fees, as well as purposes.

Just like Internet TESL Journal, the ETS website has great information about the TOEIC exam.

ETS is the official administrator of TOEIC.

Thus, in this site, students can find links about TOEIC exam center locations; requirements for taking TOEIC exams; as well as things that they need to know before, during, and after taking the exam.

The site also has some sample TOEIC questions and even aids students in finding language schools that can help them prepare for TOEIC exams.

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