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Top Ten Reasons to Learn Spanish

Updated on February 11, 2011
Cuzco, Peru
Cuzco, Peru
Living in the UK it is a common concept that speaking English as your first language there is no requirement to attempt another language. Many people believe there is no reason to learn  when the majority of the world can speak or at least understand English at some level.

It is not just in the UK, most English speaking countries have the same mentality. During my education we had a choice of learning Spanish, French and German from the age of 11 until the final exams at 16. In countries that do not speak English as a first language they are encouraged from as young as 6 to start to learn and communicate.

Travelling the world you will almost always find yourself speaking to a foreigner that can speak some level of English. I was taught French at school and entered into the exchange programme at 14. At the time I have good conversational skills and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my French family and immersing myself in their lifestyle and culture. I did not, unfortunately continue this into my adult life something I regretted until three years ago but this is the mindset of English speaking countries, almost everyone can understand English, so why bother?

The answer is you should, why stay monolingual when there is a world of culture, new friends and enjoyment waiting for you?

I have had an interest in Spanish and the culture, having watched numerous films and working with a colleague from Colombia I found I could hardly speak more than a two or three words in Spanish. I was disappointed in myself that I had not put any effort into learning a new language since I left school. I enjoying travelling the world and understand it is not possible to speak every language but to have a grasp of just one that could help on my adventures would be a bonus, especially one that is so widely spoken.

I decided to enroll in college and learn Spanish and have not regretted in since. I want to share with others what they are missing when they choose to stay monolingual. Below is top ten reasons to learn Spanish or any other language, what are you waiting for?

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
(Nelson Mandela)

Spanish is widely spoken in over 22 countries around the world. Over 400 million speak Spanish, so at some point you will come across someone be it a work or on your travels that you will need to communicate with, even if it is only a few words and sentences it will prove to be incredibly useful.

1.Experience the world of Spanish culture
Learning Spanish opens up a whole new world of food, literature, films,music and architecture which can enrich your learning experience. It is an exciting concept to learn about another way of life separate to your own.

2. Learning Spanish is fun
Learning with a friend or partner can make the experience enjoyable and rewarding, even if you choose to learn on your own you are sure to make new friends on your way. Its great to be able to know and understand a few words or sentences, you will want to learn more and more.

3. Enhance travel experiences
Travelling to Spanish speaking countries allows you to visit a number of different cultures. It may be that the waiter in the restaurant or the person behind the counter in the local shop speaks English, but why not try out your Spanish and learn more about the place you are visiting. Travellers attempting to speak Spanish will have a much more rewarding and interesting trip if you can interact with the local population.

4. Employment potential
The ability to speak Spanish at either beginner or intermediate is a asset that many companies are seeking in potential employees. Spanish is becoming popular across the world and having the skill to understand Spanish will only enhance your career aspirations.

5. Study abroad
It is said that the best way to learn a language is to move to one of the many countries around the world and immerse yourself in the culture. There are many different courses available for all ages and skill levels, so why not embark on the trip of a lifetime and make new friends on your travels.

6. Better understanding of English
Spanish language roots derive from Latin, therefore learning other languages such as French and Italian will become easier with an ability in Spanish. As Spanish roots trace back to Latin this will also widen your vocabulary in English which can be an essential tool as a writer or again for employment potential. It can also improve your English grammar, which I have found particularly useful on my learning path.

7. Popularity
As Spanish is spoken by almost 400 million people, why not add yourself to the mix and try and improve your skills by learning another language. This will open a whole host of friends across the globe. Travelling you will come into contact with Spanish speaking people, and may have to communicate, imagine if you are the one translating rather than relying on someone else to do it for you.

8.Moving abroad
It is inevitable if you choose to live in a non speaking country that in order to live and respect their way of life that you have a grasp of the language. Learning some key phrases or words before emigrating will only enhance your experience and take the stress out of the first few months if you have to start from the beginning. This can be applied not only to Spanish but any other language.

9. Festivals
Spanish cultures have many different festivals throughout the year that appear colourful, high tempo and intense with excitement. If you find yourself in one of these festivals you may discover it is difficult to immerse yourself in the atmosphere as you do not know what is going on and find it quite a daunting experience. If you can learn the language you can enjoy the festivals and feel like one of the locals!

Working with a Colombian colleague, I find learning her native tongue has improved my conversational Spanish. We regularly speak in Spanish, and have been introduced to her Colombian friends where I have held a conversation which has proved to be a success. This is an example of how you can meet new friends and communicate anywhere in the world and being able to speak their language even if you are beginner or intermediate.



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    • Sammy Davis Jnr profile image

      Sammy Davis Jnr 7 years ago

      Estoy aprendiendo Espanol!

      Gracias Leanne1783!