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Top Three Learning apps for preschool kids

Updated on September 21, 2014

Do you want to give an idea about the language to your children before they start their school? Learning apps can do that perfectly. Learning apps are designed to train children about the basics of letters, rhyming words and numbers. These apps can improve the mental level of children and motivate them towards education. Here are some featured learning apps that are popular among children because of their engaging style and characters.

Base Ten Bingo

Base Ten Bingo is an IPhone educational app launched for preschool kids who don’t have any idea about education. The game is designed to develop number sense and counting skills in little children. There are three parts in the game including tens and hundred, ones and tens, and ones. The kid has to select that how large of a grid he desire to play on. During the practice section, kid will learn about how to make a number by watching them on the right side. Parents please pay attention! It is designed only to develop the concept of creating and counting numbers with ones, tens, and hundreds.

The app is compatible with iOS 4.3 or up, and available in 1.99 dollars only. The game is suitable for children age between 5 to 8 years. The game is produced by famous IPhone apps developer - Let’s download it for your little fellows and have excellent time with them.

Super Why ABC Adventures – Alphabet application

Super Why ABC Adventures is based on the popular animated series Super Why. The animated series is designed to help children in developing reading skills about rhyming words, alphabets, spelling, and so on. The app is focused on the same thing and it is providing many ways to learn letters and how to pronounce them.

There are five characters in the game who are actually helping your kid in practicing the letters. For example, your child has to help Princess Presto in swimming to the correct letter bubble. The app also includes four videos of the popular TV series Super why. The app is perfect choice for parents who want to teach the little ones about how to identify lower case and upper case letters.

The game is appropriate for the children ages from four to six years. The application is available on iTunes in 3.99 dollars. It is also available for the iPad. The game is available for devices having iOS 4.3 or latest.

Lola’s ABC Party

Are you worried about how to make your preschool kid learn about the basics of language? No need to worry any more as you have come to the right place. This app “Lola ABC Party” is designed to teach children about the basics of language. This app let your child practice letter formation, rhyming words letter sounds, word recognition, and memory skills. The friendly Panda “Lola” will help your children in performing various tasks during the game. The game is filled with colors, balloons, and amazing creatures to keep the interest of children.

BeiZ has developed this game with many languages including Spanish, Swedish, English, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and many more. The game is suitable for kid’s age between 4 to 6 years.


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