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Why Stay-at-Home or Work at Home and Homeschooling Moms Should Consider Setting Up a Youtube Channel

Updated on October 9, 2023

Our Homeschooling Project for United Nations


Online Earning: Many Mom Loves the Idea of Staying at Home and Earn But Where SHould I Start?

When the internet revolution began, life had been redefined in many aspects. Let us talk about earning online, setting up a toy review channel and homeschooling. Although homeschooling had been existing for several decades, this too had undergone transformations. It used to be a concept more common to the super rich and celebrities. Now, it is becoming more popular for varied reasons as varied as to why parents opt to home-school their child or children. The internet is one major contributor for this: now, moms can stay at home and earn a living online while serving their noble role as mother and wife. Added to this is the fact that materials are readily available online, curriculum and educational instructions are reduced to digital or online files that learners can access anytime, anywhere.

Maximizing the benefits of homeschooling entails utilizing the time spent for it. This is the core of the discussion why you should be considering setting up a channel for toy reviews.

Photo Credit: All Photos in this article are mine

Video Credit: Video links to my videos.

Learning the Secrets

The YouTube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue
The YouTube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue
Monetizing a YouTube channel is a challenge. Start right by knowing these secrets.

11-year-old Shared How to Make Egyptian Costume

Homeschooling is Really FUn

The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas: 500+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities for Kids Ages 3-12 (Prima Home Learning Library)
The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas: 500+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities for Kids Ages 3-12 (Prima Home Learning Library)
Fun Ideas to start with whether you are a newbie homeschooling parent or an experienced one. It is always great to have a handy book that will spark your homeschooling experiences. Have fun

Guidebook on Amazon

Minimalist Homeschooling: A values-based approach to maximize learning and minimize stress
Minimalist Homeschooling: A values-based approach to maximize learning and minimize stress
Homeschooling is challenging not only on the part of the parent/s teacher/s but also on the part of the learner. Yes, it can be a wholistic, pleasant and wonderful learning experience if things will work out. Learn from the expert in minimalist homeschooling.

Update: Our Latest Homeschooling Project : Egyptian Headdress for United Nations Celebration and Halloween Costume Party

Perks in Having a Youtube Channel: Performing one Task Counted as Three or More

If you are a stay at home mom and you set up a toy review channel, either in YouTube, Dailymotion or other similar platforms, you will be doing at least three (actually more) tasks:

* spending quality and fun time with your child or children; you play; learn and create moments worth to treasure for life;

* you will be documenting these wonderful moment and sharing it to the world;

* earning online

If you are a homeschooling mom, then you will be achieving all these three tasks done plus, with proper planning, you will achieve your homeschooling targets or goals. That, I would say, is more than multi-tasking! Multi-tasking is when you do several tasks at a time while what I am talking about is doing just one single task but it serves to perform several tasks. Awesome, is it not?

How Great is it?

To play, have fun ---


and EARN!!!

(earn friends, confidence and more....

not necessarily money)

See Timmie and Mommy Enjoy Quality Time Together: Learning and Having Fun

Mothers are always busy about all the tasks they need to complete or accomplish in a day. Where can someone insert the time to take videos, edit and post?

The video below is from Timmie's Playtime . In this video, Timmie was playing Play Doh and in the process, he is learning how to count. How many tasks did his mom accomplished? More than three, right?

Learning How to Count with Play Doh

Have You Checked the Stats?

If you are always looking for how to earn online, one that you can do while you stay at home, there is a great chance that you will land into a scam scheme. That is, if you do not try to make a thorough research first before you believe in the figures that they present to you.

I am a stay at home mom for more than 13 years. I've been caught in some scams and I learned my way. Never deal with pyramiding schemes, no matter how they clothe it with another term. Stay focused on something where you have to sweat in order to earn. Nothing is as easy as hand over your money to someone and it will grow exponentially.

Legitimate online earning opportunities requires effort but effort is not directly proportional to the output. I mean, there are people who will make night a day by working through it to accomplish task and this is their norm since "God knows when" but they are not getting enough compensation for it. While there are those who are playing and earning from it. Unfair!!!! Is it?

That is why I am requesting you to check the stat:

How many YouTube channels about toy review, kid's/family channel and kids challenges channel are set up everyday? Many, I am sure of that. The question is: "Why?"

Because it is one of those niche where you play and earn; invest little as compared to other niche; and you will not be dealing with complex and complicated stuff.

Fun Time is Learning Time; Properties of Matter; Elasticity

It is a Fact

A toy review channel

is the second highest earner

in YouTube.

Quick Jump into it and You will Likely Drown

After highlighting all the goodness of setting up a toy review channel, let me spoil your enthusiasm by mentioning that not many are successful in this. Check closely some toy review or kids channel in Youtube and you will see several posts having less than a hundred of views. Hence, before you start setting up your plans and implementing it, read about unsuccessful stories too. Toys are not cheap, all parents know that. Of course, the bright side of it is if you are successful, your expenses for toys is just like an investment that has a return of investment hundred times fold.

Here is another really useful reading you must not set aside before you start.

What do You Need to Set up A Toy Review Channel

If you checked some of the very successful kids' channel in YouTube, you will surely be lured to start immediately because it looks so easy - just buy toys, let the child play will you get the video of it. Well, it is undisputed that some families were lucky to have their channels popular by doing this but note that these days, kids' channels are too competitive - the competition is too tight; not to mention that there are more and more channels set up each day with lots of new creative ideas and techniques.

I listed 5 of the Primary Things You Need

1. Participation of your child

One important thing you need to consider is that, you are doing this as an extra curricular activity of your child. The primary concern is still the development and welfare of the child. You're doing this not a compulsory part of your child's daily life.

If you want to maintain a channel, it is best to help your child be comfortable on camera. If your child loves selfies and acting on camera, you are blessed because you do not need to exert efforts in training your child.

2. Creative Ideas

It is difficult to project what goes viral and what goes unnoticed. There are lots of well-prepared and well-presented videos online but are snubbed but there are also some that are totally simple, rather silly ideas that attracts viewership. Perhaps, the best way to have a feel of what viewers want to see is to watch several kids channel and note the number of their views. This may not be accurate though and I know that you know why.

3. Tools and Materials

Camera of course should be in your number one list. Some managed their way to the top with a mobile phone camera but not everyone is as lucky. In addition to this, you need to set up an area for this purpose.

Of course, toys, those that are popular are indispensable. Today, fidget spinner, peppa pig, frozen, egg surprise toys are popular. It may not hold for long.

4. Editing Skills and Some Tech Know How

You may delegate this task to someone else. There are several platforms where you can pay for freelancers who are good at it. But then, it is best if you know the basics of editing a video and photo. You will be cutting cost by acquiring these skills.

5. SEO and Marketing

Perhaps, this is the most tasking of all and one that usually makes a mom ending up in frustration. There is so much to learn in this topic. The most frustrating part is: When you think you have learned enough, after reading and going through several online training, you simply cannot see a satisfactory output after implementing everything you learned. As a caveat to all moms: SEO and marketing is tough.

Top Three Items You Need To Have

Camera or Image Recording Device

There is absolutely no need to buy expensive cameras when you are still starting. You may use your smart phone; most options in the market these days offer good image recording. Nonetheless, if you are into image recording devices, it is best to invest on drones. We use mavic pro drone and we are one of the satisfied customers of this item.

Microphone or Voice Recording Device

If you are planning to take videos with green screen at the comfort of your home, it might not be necessary to shop for high end audio recording devices. You can use your smartphone for this too. However, if you plan to take footages outdoors: in noisy places; crowded areas; off the grid areas or any other places where you cannot record your voice clearly, screening the other noises, then you might need to research on your options for lavalier microphones or shotgun microphones.

Computer and Editing Software

It goes without saying that you cannot set up a good YouTube channel without editing. Of course, you can upload raw videos but it may not be as attractive as when you are able to remove unnecessary portions of your video clip.

Best Drone on Amazon

DJI - Mavic Pro Quadcopter with Remote Controller - Gray
DJI - Mavic Pro Quadcopter with Remote Controller - Gray
We have this item and we used it on our taking footages worth keeping for life. It allows you to see things and dimensions that you will not be able to see with your camera.

Mavic Pro Drone up High Over Towering Mountains

Top Tips

Find a Niche you would like to engage in

and find channels that would inspire you

to jumpstart your own YouTube channel


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