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Tracking Tropical Storm Ophelia

Updated on September 20, 2011

Latest Picture of Opehlia


Tracking Tropical Storm Ophelia

Off Africa head towards the United States is Tropical Storm Ophelia. It is well organized and has an eye which means it more than likely will only continue to increase in strength as it. As of Sunday at 8 PM Ophelia will graze Puerto Rico. Because Ophelia is so far out in the Atlantic she will not even be a consideration before next week but for those of you who are prudent and wish to stick up on supplies early I am tracking. I will update you as it moves closer Florida. Until then I have provide links to help you prepare. There is a margin of error this far out in predicting and we will not have a good idea until Sunday where this storm might land. This is probably only a drill but given the heat, Tropical Storm Ophelia could intensify into a hurricane.

I know no one wants to hear this especially since we have all just made it through Irene but in case I have written this hub to give you as much lead time as possible.

A bit of good news we are now in the “O” named storms of the English Alphabet which means we are almost out of the English alphabet and we will move to the Greek Alphabet named storms next and one year we almost had to go to the Hebrew Alphabet for names of storms. This just might be the year.

Spaghetti Tracks for TS Opehlia



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