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Hurricane Preparedness 2011

Updated on November 14, 2015




Get Ready

. As a person that has survived several really bad natural disasters I would like to provide you with one simple resources to prepare you for hurricane season. I will try to provide framework for you but by no means is this list all inclusive, Before the Season even begins you should go to and mark it as your favorites. It will always have the latest information updates and you can watch the storms form so you have an idea how to track the hurricanes.

Hurricane Buddies

1) Hurricane Buddies. I recommend you have a hurricane buddy or two. These are people you check in with before during and after the hurricane. They account for you and your account for them. Try to skip out on the hurricane partying crowd. After Frances and Wilma, the party mentality is over. Visual confirmation has to be mad with buddy so pick someone stable and reliable as you are each others life lines.

Survival Kits

One this website NOAA gives you a basic run down of what to have in your hurricane kit. I would include all of the things mentioned but I would add a few things of comfort. Let’s face it hurricanes are no fun and you are locked in a safe place for a long time. Cabin fever sets in easily without electricity and no baths so remember to pack extra deodorant you ate going to need it. And the plastic utensils also as you will not have water to wash your utensils. This package should be complete before hurricane season. Also include if you have a child favorite toys, the mega long monopoly game and anything that will keep your child amused and comfortable during the storm. Comfort ad endurance is key to survival s be well prepared but also pack light enough you can through your survivl kits in the car if you need to evacuate. One last Item I like to bring a scaffing dish and sterno. While I can exist on canned food sometimes I like to warm up my canned soups. It makes my son happy too. While in is not a necessity but a luxury during a hurricane it is one I rpefer to have.


If you can afford it buy a generator before hurricane. While they are not useful during the Hurricane they can be useful after the storm provided you have the gasoline to run them.

Gas Tank on Full

Keep you car’s gasoline tank on full. If the hurricane is a category 3 or evacuate higher ground. When the state ofFloridadeclares an evacuation order through everything you have prepared into your car trunk and take off. Getting out of Florida during a hurricane can be quite chaotic; having the car topped off puts you that much further in the evacuation process.

Evacuate Through the Turnpike Before Hurricane Hits

A markerRonald Regan Turnpike -
Ronald Reagan Turnpike, FL, USA
get directions

Keep Your Yard Free of Debrie

Before hurricane season you should have your yard well kept and always pull in your lawn furniture. Actually I wouldn’t have lawn furniture during hurricane season out at all. Do this before hurricane season and you will spare yourself the hassle of doing it during.

Hurricanes and Pets

I don’t recommend you take your pet in an evacuation situation as you will be hard pressed to find a shelter that will take your pet but instead I would make pre-arrangements for boarding with your pets vet.

Preparation and Vigilance

And finally, finish your preparations. Be vigilant and watch NOAA and local Emergency Management Services for Information. Because chances are if you survive one storm another one could be right around the corner. I have written in futher detal on how to care of rchildren with Autism during a hurricane whihc is apllicable to all children and I have also written what to do after the hurricane. I can't link those accounts so you will have to fin them om my hub.


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