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Charming Personality How To get it?

Updated on January 29, 2016

Persons having Charming personality captivate the minds and souls of the people around them. It is not necessary for such like persons to be wealthy or to be highly educated but still they are focal point of attention as other people are inspired by them and want to follow their footsteps. Charismatic personality is always confident about his every move and act.
Charisma is the key for opening many doors in the same way the elegance, good luck and social status contributes with one difference that it can be attained by any wise person
Posture: Posture is the first thing that is noticed about any person. Its impact on the mind of viewers is so strong that even it can make or unmake your personality before others. So you should concentrate on improving your posture.
Facial expressions: Remain calm even during adverse circumstances. Difficult situations come and go and one should face them bravely and with honor having pleasant smile on your face. Even otherwise worry on your face will not solve the problem but if you remain cheerful in complex situations pleasant expressions will permanently engraved on your face.
Eye Contact With pleasant smile: During conversations or other talks, eye contact should be maintained with other person as it gives the impression that you are giving respect and attention to others.
Give respect: Take names of other persons with respect and also remember their names. . The more you say a person's name, the more that person will feel that you like them and the greater the chance they will warm up to you.
Enhance & strengthen your relationship with people: When you meet a new acquaintance, find out their hobbies, interests and ask about their family. In this way you will be able to know and develop mutual interests. It is worth mentioning here that time division in this regard is important meaning thereby to refrain from talking about yourself all the time but should give opportunity to other to also elaborate about his viewpoint relating to past time.
Make yourself open and interesting: Discuss topics with others in which they are interested even if you are not keen on them. If you are amongst the game lovers then talk about games. If you are sitting with the persons interested in literature, then talk about the contemporary literary trends. No expertise is required .It is your level of interest and willingness to engage in topics that makes you an interesting person to be around. Exercise an open mind.
Be generous in praising others: If you feel that another person or groups of persons has done any excellent job then it is necessary to praise them. It will make your personality very adorable and charming especially if compliment is intended for raising other's self-esteem. If you like something or someone, find a creative way to appreciate it and compliment immediately because if you delay it it may be taken as insincere and ill- timed. If you notice any positive change in the haircut etc of your colleague or class fellow then don't hesitate in praising the same.
Never Lie..A lie is something which is the most disgusting thing in ruining the reputation of any person, hence it is necessary to abstain from it and also endeavor to develop high moral values and habits.
Accept Compliments: Don't be suspicious of the intention of others in complimenting you Even if someone is praising you out of contempt then you need not be harsh but respond in positive way. Say I am glad to hear it.
Developing charismatic personality out of you is an art but it should come from your inner-self and must maintain your individuality otherwise it will not appear genuine. It is fact that everyone has the ability to develop charismatic personality which is needed to be coaxed out. Charisma cannot be emulated. If you think or view anything in a particular though different way then communicate and express it and don't get bothered by the idea of its being controversial. Communicate it in honorable way, if it is genuine and honest, people will not be hesitant in the acceptance of the same.
Look around your surroundings and try to develop those positive qualities of others which inspire you. Indulge in the task, hobby or activity that is highly interesting to you as it will naturally sharpen your natural talents and abilities & will also boost your confidence level. Everyone has some unique attributes and characteristics, try to recognize positive one and struggle to develop them. Positive approach to life makes you cheerful person as well as is also helpful in brightening your personality.
Charismatic persons always have wonderful sense of humor. They have deep insight into the lighter side of life. If you are kind to humanity then people will hold good opinion about you. To be charming you should be gracious, generous and always avoid rudeness. Always speak in moderate tone with tinge of politeness and never be loud in any circumstances whatsoever. Take care of etiquette and manners.
For charming personality maintenance of Composure is crucial as at the end it is equilibrium which matters. Originality is the prerequisite for attractive personality, for lacking it puts everything at naught. Curiosity and creativity are hallmark of charming person. They are exuberant, full of energy and life and are able to see hidden but deep-rooted connections between seemingly different things. In the presence of charming and adorable person, every person feels comfortable as he promotes self- confidence. He is also good listener and also curious about everything whether it be food, books or meeting new people and as they know the worth of knowledge, so dedicate their .considerable portion of time for gaining it.


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