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Ultimate Dreams Explanations: Death, Funerals, Dead People & More!

Updated on January 21, 2015 | Source

Ultimate Death Dreams Explanations

This is the a continued part of the death dreams explanations series so if it happens that you got here from Google or any other search engine then you should also check out these articles provided in the links below!

Death Dreams Explanations

- If you dream about hiding something with a dead person it means that the person who knows your secrets will be always a reliable and a trust worthy person or in general, your other secret things are in a safe place.

-If you see yourself dead in the dream it means that a person will be losing you or a separation is about to be happening.

-If you dream about seeing dead people walking around or getting out of their tombs, it means that a public disaster might be happening soon, perhaps a disaster related to nature or manufacturing.

-If you dream about getting brought to life again after death, it means that you will be passing big hardships in your life with good people helping you, it also means that you will be rescued from a dangerous situation. | Source


- If you dream about washing a dead person's clothes it means that there might be some issues coming soon because of something related to finance, money and things.

-If you dream about a dead person trying to talk to you - listen carefully to what he/she might tell you because usually dead people's words are true in dreams- in general, hearing a dead person talk to you means that you will be getting a renewal in a relationship with the lover or a friend or some other person.

-If you dream about marrying or sleeping with a dead person intimately, if in reality this person is alive and if you know him/her then the dream holds bad news for this person ....She/he might be dying soon.

- If you see yourself resting and lying on the floor or in a coffin with a dead person it indicates death.

- If you see a dead person drinking or eating, it means that you will be hearing some death news about a child or a teenager.

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