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Dreaming Of Death: What Does It mean? Explanations

Updated on November 19, 2014 | Source


There was one dream about death that has really put a big impact on me, so when I woke up I checked its meaning and it was really true! The situations that I was facing in reality made me believe about the explanations I've read.

So, here's the continued part of death dreams explanations, there are more explanations for other different situations in the links mentioned below so make sure to check these out too!

Explanations & Signs About Death Dreams

- If you see a lot of people wearing clothes colored in black and drinking coffee - a scene that can resemble funerals or anything - it means that you will be passing through some happy and calm times.

- If you feel like you're dying in the dream or have already died, it means that you might be having some loneliness times or you might be getting some help.

- If you dream about being around dead people - people that you're not familiar with - it means that you're probably being lied to by some deceitful people in your circles so the dream here is trying to warn you from them, this dream also means that there will be some problems or arguments concerning your personal or financial issues. | Source

More Scenes

- If you dream about being in a funeral without paying attention to details & things, it means that you might pass through some inappropriate circumstances and you will not be able to finish somethings on time.

-If you see that the funeral doesn't contain too much sadness or mourns or screams, it means that you will be hearing good news about your practical life.

-If you see an alive person getting his/her body buried, it means that a disaster is about to happen, it also indicates real danger.

-If a dead person is getting buried in the dream, it means that you will be getting good improvements in your general life.

-If you dream about hearing a dead person's voice without seeing him/her, it indicates illness.

- If you're in reality sick and if you see in your dream that you're surrounded by dead people, the dream could possibly be giving you signs that your death in near.

- If you dream about talking with a dead person, it means that you will be having a brighter period in your life but if this dead person mentions something regarding your death, like giving you exact dates of your death then it might be really true.

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