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What About Coy Mathis and His\Her Gender?

Updated on February 28, 2013
This is Coy, the boy who is a girl
This is Coy, the boy who is a girl

This is just weird to be happening to a six year boy who is everything "girl". He loves pink and is a Girl Scout. Yes, Coy, has a penis but no, he thinks and believes and acts and dresses as a girl. The problem must have been brewing for years before now because what happens when he goes to the restroom? Or, others find out the she they see is actually a boy? Kids can be cruel and mean.

The school district has decided that Coy can only use the boy's restroom because, well, he is a boy. Yet, boys will be boys and Coy dresses and acts like a girl. One can only imagine what could occur in the restroom, especially with 5th and 6th graders. Yet, Coy, despite his appearance, cannot be permitted to use the girl's restroom because of his penis. Can you just imagine Coy taking a leak to the shock of real girls?

Bizarre. Usually, one expects this sort of craziness to happen in the teens or adult stages, Coy is only six. I think it would be more unsettling to the other children to see a girl -- for all intents and purposes using a boy's bathroom.

The parents are suing the school for sexual discrimination and it is against Colorado law, however, so what, it does NOT resolve the real physical problem for the six year old going to a public school. Adults cannot always be with the first grader. What about when Coy gets older? What then? A sex change operation at age 10? Coy told his parents that he was miserable as a boy and wants a sex change.

Where does a six year old obtain this knowledge? Are his parents promoting it? He can barely read at this age.

The school district has done the right thing because there is NO good solution.This is so out of ordinary at this level. If they allow the boy to use the girl's restroom, well, parents of REAL girls will have valid issues. If Coy goes to the boy's restroom, well, he will just have to endure whatever occurs because he cannot always be protected from cruel kids. The school district should not have build a special restroom for transgender kids.

The whole thing is difficult to resolve where everyone will be happy.


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