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How Do Most People Respond in a Crisis? (3/14/2017, Message#76)

Updated on August 25, 2018

Oh No, I Am Not Ready!?!

A Disaster, a Trying Time..., I Don't Like Those!?!
A Disaster, a Trying Time..., I Don't Like Those!?! | Source

When a Crisis Happens, What Do Most People Do?

Usually the first natural instinct in a Crisis Situation is to panic first, then after everything calms down they ask themselves, “why me” or “why now?” “My life is good, going good and I have everything I could ever want…” From my personal experience and the many examples of so many others’ I have encountered, complacency is not actually a good thing. It fools or lulls people into a false sense of hope or "Security." There are so many examples of such behavior, so there is no need to list them, common sense may be hard to find, but it surely isn’t dead.

Complacency is the root of thinking someone is satisfied and no “Change” is needed to take place, now I am not making any judgments or passing sentence on anyone. I am just stating the issue of Complacency, the "Why" and "How" most people react to a crisis, disaster or any life changing events which come up or as people encounter them. It is very true as well as very clear, this life is what “You Make It” and what “You Do With It.” There should be at least one thing or rather someone we should not forget about, no matter how all "Our" Lives are going on about. Even when things go bad, crazy, strange or unusual, there is someone who is clearly aware and involved with each and every single situation. More on who or what this is a little later.

A Very Good Modern Example!

Plenty of Tangible, Physical Evidence!!

Is It My Time or Not?
Is It My Time or Not? | Source

After the Crisis happens and People Assess Who Made it and Who Didn’t…?

What is the most common “Phrase” most people use when they realize they have made through the Crisis? Do you even know or have you been paying attention? Most people say, “I am very ‘Lucky’ to be alive!” Or how about “I am very fortunate to have made it!” As the initial investigation is taking place, the details and little nuances are still fresh in the mind. This is usually the best time to at the very least give thanks and count your blessings for making through a horrendous situation alive.

To be honest when “Life Happens,” these are the moments when people usually find out what they are made of, what they can handle and how much of a “Burden” they can deal with. These are the Moments of “Testing” or being tested, if there is nothing in Life which may or might try you, how will you know what you can or can’t handle? Makes sense right? Basically, this is why some people make it through tragedies and some do not. Not to mention those who are connected to the individuals who didn’t make it and their reactions. As it goes, there are many people who are affected, tried and tested in these various situations. This is Humanity is very much like a community, one way or another, we are affected by one another. Ponder this statement for just a bit.

As I stated earlier, “Life” is what you make it and this is a journey, a very unique journey tied to every single person living, has already lived and will eventually live. Your journey, experiences and lifestyle will not be likened to another “single person” on this Planet ever, not a single one Human Individual, Ever!! Wrap your mind around that statement for a bit…, and yes I am going somewhere with all of this as well.

Everything Is About Making Choices.

At Some Point, Your Time Will What...?

Always Realize You Made It and Give Thanks!
Always Realize You Made It and Give Thanks! | Source

Why is it So Many People Neglect the “One” Who Allowed Them to Make it Through the Crisis Situation?

There is a reason why people make it through a Crisis, Disaster or Major Tragic Event. The Answer and its Simplicity may surprise you, yet The Truth and it will set "All" who can understand it (and receive it), they will be free (in Spirit and in Truth)! This all takes place as the “Testing” Period is taking place and how “We” deal with the issue, situation or event right in front of “Us.” If in those situations we are able to Pray, keep the Lord Jesus in our hearts, minds and focus, more likely than not, we will make it through the disaster, tragedy, crisis or event. Do any of you know that "Still, Small, Very Quiet Voice" you hear in most situations ranging from “you may not want to do this or that,” or “take a moment to consider…?” To even simply, "Wait." There are so many other times when this voice speaks or when “We” are able to sense this voice. Even in situations where someone may feel indecisive, like what should I do or what should I handle or take on? These are also situations where the “Small Voice” is still speaking.

When this voice speaks, it is in “Our” best interest to listen or adhere to the advice provided. Many people consider this voice as “Their Intuition,” “Their Quiet Inside or Inner Voice” and I know many of you reading this also have heard this "Voice" before, haven’t you? This voice isn’t just your intuition, your quiet voice or the voice people only hear in times of trouble, this voice is the voice of the Creator, Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am, Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty), the Lord God of Heaven, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit! Do not neglect this voice, it will never steer you wrong, in fact it will bring you through most situations if you are willing to listen to it when it speaks! The important key is to recognize the voice, do what it says and thank the Lord Jesus for bringing you through because there is a reason why you are still here…, don’t neglect the voice of the Lord God of Heaven, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit either.

I am also very certain many have heard this "Voice" speak at times before a Marriage Ceremony, how about during a Courting or Dating Period? Your Intuition was telling you not to date, court or marry a certain individual and you did it any way, listening instead to the "Flesh" and its desires. What happened to you many years later? So many wished they had of followed their initial Intuition! That inner Voice would have saved them so many years or agony, misery, trouble and complaining from being with the wrong person over a "Fleshly" decision. To so many people, this is a tragedy and from their point of view, even I would also agree. Like the Bible says, "A Merry Heart Doth Good Like a Medicine." Could the Creator, Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) knows what is "Best" for His Creation, it would truly appear to be so and as such.

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Neglecting the Lord Jesus?!

Have You Ever Pondered This...?

Do You Like to Be Neglected?
Do You Like to Be Neglected? | Source

How Do You Think This Must Make the Creator Feel About Being Neglected?

Has anyone ever wondered or even considered this? A strange question isn’t it and why would it matter to the Creator, the Lord Jesus, the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) how He feels by my or anyone’s neglect of Him in a tragedy or "Life" in general? I know what you are thinking, “It should be no big deal, and people do it all the time!” This may be true, however the level of awakening of Humanity as a Whole is increasing each and every day as "Time" continues to press onward. These facts are being shared so the awareness of Humanity as a whole can continue to grow and eventually reach the potential it was always designed to achieve for the Glory of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am). Think about or ponder something for one instant, you, me and everybody else on this Planet are living out "Our" individual lives, on their own unique journeys’ and yet Humanity as a whole is on a Journey or a destination together as "One" as well. Kind of mind boggling isn’t, as explained within How Great is Father God, El Shaddai, “Our” Heaven Father is massive, All Powerful and Aware of All Things!! He Himself is taking Humanity on a journey to a destination only He can provide, all “We” must do is choose. Who Do You Serve?

This means how the Lord Jesus Christ takes and deals with each and every person is also more important as well. For example, 2016 was a year of “Judgment” and there is plenty of Physical, Tangible Evidence to coincide with this statement. Like the Earthquakes in Italy, India, and South America, Massive Animal Die-offs across the entire globe, Very Powerful Hurricanes and so forth. There were plenty of evidence to recount for the Judgments of 2016, so 2017 is the “Year of Change!” This means this is the Year where new things are possible, as long you keep your focus on the True Source of "All Things"; this is why it is very important to acknowledge the Lord Jesus in each of “Our” daily lives. Unfortunately, people seem to forget or do not want to realize the source of their blessings, good times or the provisions they are experiencing. I mean even the basics, like being able to breath, eat, feel, see and touch for example.

Even taking these things for granted, they too eventually come to an end for all of “Us,” this is undeniable and inevitable for "All" within Humanity. The key is to enjoy the ride, give Thanks, Praise and Glory to Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty). To neglect Him is to end your personal journey sooner rather than later. The Lord Jesus has given everyone within Humanity “Free Will” and we can use it as we see fit in “Our” daily lives. Whether you choose to be a rock star, a magician, City Council Member, CEO of a Company, Married, Parents or so forth. If we can make a choice, this is “Free Will.” This also includes being gay, transgender, A Gender, bisexual, lesbian, a drug addict, a drug dealer, gang member, bank robber or a person serving jail or prison time for committing crimes, all of these are also choices and decisions which can be freely made as well. People already are doing so and there is plenty of evidence to support both sides of these examples, in either case, they are still examples of “Free Will,” Choices and the lives in which so many within Humanity live each day.

The Key is to seek the Will of the Lord Jesus for your Life each day or ask yourself, Do I Have A Reprobate Mind? This is Your Free Choice and Decision.

Don't Be Afraid to Pray!

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Answer for All Things!!
The Lord Jesus Christ is the Answer for All Things!! | Source

People Need to Know, Prayer in Jesus Name Works!

Personally I can give many example of the “Power of Prayer” in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Many of which would blow most people away because naturally, these situations should have never ended like they did, but they did so! This is not because of me, anything I did, any credit I or any person can take for themselves. These situations all belong to the Lord Jesus, His Power, His Glory and His Will. When September 11th, 2001 happened, there are plenty of stories where people made it out of hopeless situations alive and some without even as so much as a scratch or bruise upon them. How about the massive earthquake in several parts of the world and there have been people buried alive and 3 to 4 or so days later, rescuers find them alive!?! Need I go on or do you need more examples?

Prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus works and supersedes "All Things" above any other name, this goes for people who may or may not know Him. For best results, this works for those who are His Children and already serve Him. However, the Lord Jesus will hear the prayers of those who come to Him to become His Children and that means you. The exception might be for those who are facing a tragic situation and they hear the still, small quiet voice but they haven’t given their lives to the Lord Jesus yet. These individual hear this voice for a reason and it is because they have a purpose for the Kingdom of Father God, Elohim and it is not their time to die yet. If they listen to the small voice, not only will they make through the situation, they may also have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus right where they are! In any case, the Power of Prayer in Jesus Name is powerful, useful and very effective in any and all situations. Even in the good times, not just for the times of trouble or when most people are facing or dealing with issues.

The Power of Prayer and Having the "Right Center!"

Where Is Your Center?

Let the Truth Be Known!
Let the Truth Be Known! | Source

Make the Lord Jesus the “Center” of Your World or Existence!

Before I begin, does anyone know what the “Center” of “Our” Solar System is? Do you have any Idea? The center of our Solar System is the Sun and all of the Planets and the Asteroid Belt revolve around the Sun. The Sun is the Earth’s source of warmth, heat and life giving energy. Without it there could be "No Life" on this Planet! The Milky Way Galaxy also revolves around its center as well, so even the Universe understands and provides plenty of examples of Having a “Center.” Why is this important? Within each and every Human Being within Humanity also has a “Center” and inside Every Person. Sadly in so many cases, these "Centers" revolve around ourselves, other people or things. This is why so many people seem to live hectic, crazy and off balance "Lives" in more ways than one. This same “Center” is the “God Spot” only the Lord Jesus can properly fill and reside there, anything or anyone else will not work, and simply nothing else belongs there. Whatever the “It” is, it was never meant to be the “Center” of your Life, Ever! If you want a Life where things seem to flow, move freely and go about smooth for the most part each day, the Lord Jesus needs to become your "Center." If you are ready, Let’s Pray:

Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. The Lord Jesus went through literal Hell for me and I am truly sorry; now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins and Loves Me so Much, was resurrected from the dead, is alive and hears my prayer. I invite the Lord Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. I Never Knew I needed Him so Much and I meant so much to Him. Lord God I ask you to Please send and fill me with your Holy Spirit to help me obey You Lord Jesus and to do Your Will Lord, for the rest of my life. Become My “Center” in Jesus Holy Name I pray, Amen.

If you meant this prayer with a sincere heart, the Lord Jesus Christ has just written your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life and Heaven will be Your Eternal Home!! Show your Love for the Lord Jesus and establish a personal relationship with Him! Yes, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords wants a personal relationship with every single person within Humanity! Every single person within Humanity is supposed to be a BBB, Blood Bought Believer because the Lord Jesus died for "All" of Humanity!! Will you finally become a BBB today, a Blood Bought Believer in the Lord Jesus? Have your “Center” in the right place, where the Lord Jesus is your focus and your life revolves around Him as the Center. With the Lord Jesus as the Center, watch and see what your life will become with Him in His rightful place, at your Center.

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Remember Your Source!!

Keep Him As Your Center!!
Keep Him As Your Center!! | Source

In All Things, the Lord Jesus Christ is Above All!

Even as the Bible states: “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, 'Jesus is Lord' for the Glory of Father God,” El Shaddai (God Almighty)! This is written in the Book of Revelation, the very last book in the Bible and just because this hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it will not. The Truth is The Truth and it will always set you free, even if it hurts at first. Think of The "Truth" as a two edge sword, the first side cuts you and exposes the affected area, the other side is the Power of Healing, bringing Restoration and Peace with it on the backside. Naturally, Humanity does not like The "Truth," which is why there are so many lies, these lies feel good to the flesh and cause “Us” not to have to change, grow or move on. This is Complacency, it can and will kill you, people are dying each and every day; millions are not being Pulled Out of the Fire. The question is will you be one of them…, someone who has been Pulled Out of the Fire?

The time is now to know Who Do You Serve? One Way or Another, We Are All About To Enter Eternity, It’s Always a good time to Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity and For Who’s Glory Is It? All Things Are For The Glory of Elohim, Father God. This means you, the one who is reading this right now. If the Lord Jesus Christ is Above All Things, What Are You Standing Firm Upon, What Is Your Foundation Upon? While you are still breathing; still have breath in your Body, while you still have a sound mind, now is the time to make the Lord Jesus the “Center” of your life. As “We” have seen these past twelve months, this world is changing and crisis, disasters and tragedies happen each day. Will you be able to hear the Still, Small, Quiet Voice if you are facing one of the many recent examples as of late? Or will you say I have plenty of time and continue to wait, the choice is yours.

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Sing His Praises!!

Sad, But True!

I am Held Accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ and I Must Do His Will, and Tell His Truth!
I am Held Accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ and I Must Do His Will, and Tell His Truth! | Source

To Whom I Answer to?

It is always puzzling how people desire people to be honest, tell The Truth and be forthright with each other. Yet when the truth is presented, told, shared or displayed as it should, people have such nasty reactions to it. Don’t shoot, kill, destroy or tear down the messenger. Our task is to deliver The Truth as it has been given to us, to deliver it to those who needed it. Whether “They” like it or not as it is presented within The Truth is The Truth, and within this HubPage, The Truth is hard at first because it “Cuts” initially and removes the infection or the un-truth. Which is exactly why The Truth hurts, you believed the lie, which caused the "Spiritual Infection" in the first place. Then The Truth can cause the affected area to heal, but first the issue, the infection, the false information must be removed and dealt with initially. Then the healing, restoration and completeness can take place afterward.

Just like when you cut for finger or any other part of your physical body. This is no different, what does the body do when it is cut? Are you Aware of this? When a cut, scratch or bruise takes place, there’s pain, suffering and change in that affected area right? What do “We” do next? We clean it and bandage the area so it can heal and get better. This is the same thing The "Truth" does for “Us,” but on the inside or the “Unseen” part of our physical bodies. This is why Pulling People Out of the Fire is so important! Whether you like this or not I must obey and share this, not to do so would have more people living in a way contradictory from how they always were created to be, as well as not knowing to Who they should look to… the Lord Jesus Christ!!

Again I am not passing judgment, I don’t have this power or the authority, nor do I want it. However I do Love the Creation of which Father God, Elohim (I Am That I Am) has put forth and establish; it is only fair to be used as He has put me on this Earth to accomplish. This is why even if The Truth does not appeal to people, readers and all those who encounter it in dislike, disagreement and discomfort. All of this will not change The Truth, lessen or reduce its power or its ability to cause the "Change" to take place. The issue is never The Truth, it is how the "Flesh" reacts to the "Spirit" within hearing The Truth and battle of the spirit verses the "Flesh." This is why There Is a War Going On and Who Do You Serve? Only the way you live, the way you control your Flesh or lack thereof will determine your reaction to The Truth, and even that is also a Choice, as is everything else in this “Life.” Again the choice is yours, mine is to tell The Truth, share it and present it. For I must answer to the Lord Jesus Christ, not Man or Humanity. Humanity maybe able to kill my flesh, cut off my limbs but they can never destroy my spirit or my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord God of Heaven, El Shaddai (God Almighty) and the Holy Spirit!!

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Did You Know?

Did You Know You Had a "God Spot?"

See results

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is Your Answer!!

You Are the Very Reason Why He Died, Just For You!!
You Are the Very Reason Why He Died, Just For You!! | Source

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