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What To Look For When Searching For a Personal Injury Claim Lawyer

Updated on November 20, 2010

Lawyers are professionals educated to give you or your company beneficial advice on matters of law. Plainly speaking they tell you what you can and what you cannot do. Many times they're also used to defend you if have already done something, that the law keepers think you shouldn't have done. A major part of the job involves research on the current legislations, research on the case laws and research on the recent citations.

Law practically touches every aspect of your life, from birth to death. That probably explains the different categories of lawyers. Went through an accident? Did you suffer a dog bite and want to file a Personal Injury Claim? Filing for a Divorce? Need counsel on child custody rights? Consult a lawyer who specializes in family law. Want someone to help you draft a contract or a will? Got a problem with your landlord, who backed out on the agreement? There's always a lawyer specialized in civil law to help you out.

Injury Claim

Search For Lawyer

No one wants to face prison time. Yet , that's just what will happen if you don't have a good criminal attorney to represent you . Hiring a competent lawyer can do a world of good, especially if the charges don't look good . Sure, you could be assigned someone from the courts, but this is not the best idea if you can hire someone on your own. If this is your first offense , you may be wondering how you can find a good lawyer .

Do your research

Trying to find a criminal attorney to defend you when you've been accused of breaking the law can be an extremely stressful situation . Fortunately , you probably have a lot of resources that you haven't even taken the time to think about it. Start with friends and family . More likely than not, you either have a lawyer in your family or know someone that does . This is a huge advantage even if this lawyer isn't the kind of lawyer you necessarily need. Lawyers know other lawyers and can most likely recommend someone to help you with your situation .

You could also search for them on line. These would give you details about the area of specialization of the lawyer and his experience in dealing with cases. Most attorneys offer free consultation , to know why do you need a lawyer and which attorney would be able to help you best . Also, if you over 65 and meet certain conditions, you are eligible for free legal aid.

False Compensation Claims

Amongst the solicitors who have worked on suspect personal injury claims, over half say the claims are most likely to involve a car accident , with whiplash the most regularly exaggerated injury with post traumatic stress being the next most commonly falsified injury which is then followed by strained muscle tissue .

Nearly sixty-six per cent of the lawyers taking part feel that the nearly incessant marketing on television of these types of providers is a crucial element whenever it comes to the raise of falsified personal injury claims submissions, as presently there is now the belief that it is an effortless money maker.

As a result two thirds of solicitors now study in significantly better detail all posted personal injury claims prior to creating a decision on their viability .

Attorney Search and Legal Aid

Many occasions, the only distinction concerning a lawsuit that has been won and one that had been lost, is within the way it was represented. Try to make sure that you select you attorney with attention. If your lawsuit is one, which requires large sums of money or one that you land you in the jail, you would not want a lawyer who's still learning the ropes, and you will be his guinea pig. Don't go by the glitzy advertisements on papers and sleek websites that offer tall claims about their knowledge. You can source them by phoning the Bar Association, where you would be provided numbers of lawyers, best prepared to work with your case.

 Nevertheless, if you can come across a lawyer, who is capable to guarantee you, that, your issue, can be sorted, via an out of court settlement, chances are you have met a skilled lawyer.


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    • daydreamer13 profile image

      daydreamer13 7 years ago

      Well written. Good job.

    • profile image

      carmgirl 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info. If ever I get into trouble I'll take your advice