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What are the important subjects that should be taught in school?

Updated on March 7, 2015

The important subjects to be taught in school are Maths , English , History , Geography and Science . These subjects built a strong base for students at their early age which can be utilized in near future .

Maths should be taught in school because you do not want to be taken advantage of . For example , your bank rips you off , you pay your taxes but they send you a note letting you know that you have not paid even though you did . The waiter charges you a heck lot more and how an earth will you figure out that you are getting ripped off purposely if you do not know Maths !

English is pretty much handy and important like Maths . Maths is handy when you need to solve things fast . You need English to understand Maths ! Don't you ? Not to mention English lets you to communicate with others .

History is good to learn from the past mistakes . Science is good to understand your surroundings and safety precautions also . Geography is useful when you are stuck in the middle of no where , a map and compass and may be an idea of where you are would help .

History is also important like Maths and English because the phrase goes " He who does not learn from his or her past is doomed to repeat it ! " . They need to learn about the World Wars and all of the devastation during that time because it makes them feel compassion and helps them understanding that no human being should ever be treated like that . They need to know about the civil war and civil rights movement .

Science taught people the basic common sense things like not to stick a fork in light socket . For every successful thing on earth involves reading , writing and speaking so language class say English is absolutely necessary. History is important because it educates us on where our ancestors came from and how we began our lives here . Science cannot be understood without Maths . So Maths is the foundation on which we build the vast amounts of knowledge . Science is also the future of us. English allows you too not only experience a world of things , but also is needed for safety reasons and being able to communicate with others .

It is clear that numbers run the world . Geography includes all the important stuffs that is used in life everyday , the statistics you see in newspaper , the information that is collected and used by the government . Also with this day and age it is important to learn about the environment, ecosystems and natural disasters as well as places and economy . It is good to know where is the location and what kind of thing and people you might encounter to be aware of while travelling .

Simple Maths is used everyday . Language is important because people learnt through each other while speaking like the Greeks had scholars that would do public speakings on philosophies . That is how people learnt before books . We learn from history when books were made , written languages were made and when reading first comes to be . English is important to live and work in any country .

Maths is the foundation of all science and commonly use in our daily life . Language is important because no one wants to hire the illiterate who does not know to spell or to speak . As English is in high demand in the case of job hiring so schools should give more emphasis on English . Without Maths , you would be hard pressed to be able to calculate how much money you will need to take on a trip for gasoline , tickets , hotels , etc .

Science is needed to show you the things to eat and how to keep healthy with proper exercise . Medicines and cures are all under science . Science teaches you how to think critically better . Maths is needed to know how much money you got left after you pay your bills . We need science to know how things work . Science is what keeps us improving generation after generation . It helps us to protect from germs .

A grasp of English is necessary in order to be taken seriously in whatever field it is you choose to pursue . Without science , there would be no health care as germs would not have been discovered , you would not have a nice car to drive in , phones to talk to people thousand miles away or even a computer where this blog is posted .

In case of history , if you do not know where you have been , you can not possibly know where you are going . And if you do not know where you are going or how you are going there , then you are not going to make decisions that need to be made in order to create a better future for your self and those you love . You do not want to make the same foolish mistakes ancestors have made and spent generations correcting and rectifying it . History is to teach people precaution .

Science helps people to be free thinker and fascinated about how world works . Learning the science paves the way for people to improve our technologies and medicines for the future . English is used to learn life skills . Maths makes us learn problem solving , decision making , dedication and concentration . Maths is a good indicator of students level of maturity . Science lets you put every thing into perspective and provides more problem solving skills with more life applications .

The most important things that a student should be learning in school are critical thinking skills and responsibility . If we have the ability to think critically about events and have a personal , social and world responsibility , then the facts we learn in school will be able to analyse them and use them help to shape our lives . You use Maths in cooking and to measure things every day . Learning a language like English , will help you to write well , use proper grammar , use proper punctuation and fill out the resumes and cover letter which is very important for life in the real world .

The point of school is not just to impart knowledge of specific subjects . It is to create individuals with a well rounded base of knowledge and the ability to think critically about a wide range of information .


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