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The power in having the right passwords.

Updated on September 4, 2014

Your computer is connected to the world energy grid.....

What are you saying through your passwords?

It always amazes me when I'm talking about the Law of Attraction, that when I mention passwords are important and what they are doing is zinging all around the planet at the speed of light with your name on them, the person/persons I'm with suddenly look shocked.

They quite often have never considered that they are "putting out" an energy vibration with each and every password AND each and every time it is used.

On the odd occasion when someone has asked me to access their account for them I have alwlays been shocked at what word they are using for a password. Some of them completely obscure but others very murky with past girlfriends names being one sort in particular. Others are linked to bizare hobbies/memories/obsessions or just the one they had when they first went on a computer some 20 years ago!

Well as we know, energy speaks to and manifests with the main system of manifestation so what are you putting out there. Its time to clean up if you want all of your vibrational energy to reflect what you really want and who you really are.

This is a really simple one to correct. Just what would you want on an electrical pulse thats pulsing throughout our particular part of the galaxy with your name tag on it? Just imagine the difference if everyone was doing this consciously. This would be another cog in the wheel for changing consciousness. All of these cogs matter, if this one doesn't matter in your mindset then there will be many more that don't get addressed too.

If you are willing to put the time in or are always changing your passwords regularly then get a theme going for what you are manifesting this month. Let your passwords match your intent in your life. Remember this is the "Pass" through to where you are going on the internet, it is also part of the "pass" that you are using in your life. This electrical pulse with your name on it is out there whether you like it or not or whether you make a conscious or unconscious decision about what it is connecting you to.

Energy flows, where attention goes ........

The universal law of attraction never was just about money/financial resources which lots of people seem to think. If your own Law of Attraction emphasis is always on money and more money then let your passwords reflect another side of the equation that we are all one and it is a spiritual renaissance that is needed right now not a specific monetary one.

We can all use this "pulse" to change the vibration. How about "User Names" does yours truly reflect what you are about? Most people do take this opportunity to own and personalise their user names but again some are a little obscure and some down right crazy if you begin to realise the implications in the world of energy and quantum physics.

Just a thought but then thoughts are the most powerful thing on our planet of choice, together with words. Not a good idea to throw them out into our electrical atmosphere connecting them to yourself without truly thinking more deeply about it.

The Law of Attraction is true in all pathways of energetic access, the internet is a turbo charged electrical version of our real world.



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    • LiteWorkz profile image

      LiteWorkz 7 years ago

      That's really interesting, I never thought of it like that before!

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 8 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I admit I often see usernames and names of bands that I find depressing and not something I would ever choose and I wonder why they chose these terms.

    • Catlyn profile image

      Catlyn 8 years ago from Somewhere in the OC

      Very thought-provoking Hub! I never considered passwords on this level, but it makes sense.

      I believe that the comment above, however, is from the Bible -the book of Proverbs, to be exact.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      "The fullness of the heart, the mouth speaketh" by William Shakespeare.

      What is in our hearts goes to our minds and this is what we normally use as our passwords.

      An insightful piece. Thank you.

    • SEM Pro profile image

      SEM Pro 8 years ago from North America

      I agree with emohealer Universal Laws - great hub with simplified wisdom. Whatever we repeat often - will be created.

      I'm amazed at the old password my housemate uses affirming him as a terrible parent. This aspect of his life is one of the most shining examples of his deeply felt care and consideration - why erase that? He doesn't see it that way though, having come up with it when he felt guilty the first time in decades he'd done something purely for himself. The deserved reward remains a source of guilt and self loathing.

      Changing our passwords/affirmations to reflect our rising levels of awareness is a wonderful reminder! :)

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 8 years ago from South Carolina

      As always right on target. Never thought of writing this but have shared with many and watched their lives transform just by making their password a growth statement. iam....

      My pass words always represent something I want to grow, experience more of and to share with others.

      Superb hub, many can gain from this tidbit of shared inspiration!