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What is a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant)?

Updated on March 1, 2012

What is a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant)?

We choose our professions based on our characters, personalities, our immediate living environment and for our varied passions and interests. For some people, career choice is made precisely on their hopes for a better life in the career choices they make. Whatever the circumstances, careers are our second homes and hence the need to choose them with care.

Whereas most people are concerned about money and other material things, there is a small group of people who understand the importance of love, human welfare and health. Health is considered as one of the most valuable assets that can be possessed by anyone. In fact its considered everything, for all those who love life. And the stewards to maintain that order are the members of the health care system, nurses included.

From these, it’s obvious that, medical personnel and the medical centers through which their services are available to the masses are very important for our wellbeing as humans. In their hierarchy, there are doctors down to the nurses. They are people who give us hope and take care of our health during odd times.

The purpose of this article is to look at the CAN In detail. In the health care system, the CAN, who are also known as the Certified Nurse Assistants, are very important health care service providers in different part of the world; the USA in particular. Their Services have grown as the new sign of hope and health care in our society. We are going to discuss about the duties and job responsibilities of a Certified Nurse Assistant.

What are the duties of CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant)?

CNA professionals are the most important part of medical supervision, both in the patients’ homes as well as hospitals. Most of the people misjudge CNAs are the medical staff persons but their services are greater than that. CNA provide important health care services and emotional support to patients.

Some of the important duties performed in the hospital setting, which are performed by them include helping patients dress up, walk, eat, bask and even talk, among other and daily activities. Their main medical duty is to identify the vital signs of patient, make sure patients are alright and prepare regular medical reports that can be used by doctors. They also record changes in the regular health status of their patients, looking out for any of the changes caused by the medicine or medical tests.

Both of these tasks are crucial to the general welfare of the patient and this information is extremely helpful for both nurses as well as doctors. There have been many cases where the information provided by CNAs has saved patient’s life. Moreover the presence of Certified Nurse Assistant is really helpful in case the nurse or doctor is unavailable for most of the time. CNAs spend long time with patients and they are the first person to observe any change in the daily health status of the patient. They can identify even the smallest signs of illness and help doctors in providing better medical prescription to the patient

Job opportunities for CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant)

After clearing the CNA License exam, Certified Nurse Assistants can work in hospitals according to their experience. A CNA can offer his services in shift to the hospital or even assist the patient in their house. There are various job positions including personal care assistant, patient care technician, and as a health aide. CNA jobs are ranked on above average scale for those looking for growth and building their career. Moreover Certified Nurse Assistants is one of the fastest growing sectors throughout the world. It is quite easy for a certified assistant to find a decent job in his area.

If you are a certified nurse assistant then you can contact job consultancies and online job portals for landing a decent job. Some of the important factors deciding the salary of a CNA include his geographic location, experience of working as an assistant, and workplace. Generally most of the hospitals pay high salary jobs to nurse assistants. In some cases the payment may depend on the concerned department of the person. Some of the major benefits that a CNA can enjoy during his service include life insurance, paid holidays, medical, travel assistance, and retirement plans. In short CNA is a great career for anyone looking to get into the medical feel.

Job Trends and the future of the CNA profession

According to most careers experts, the job opportunities for people in the CNA professional look bright. This is because of the demand for more hands on medical professionals in the ever changing medical sub sector. And if the current industry statistics are anything to go by, the their salaries are also expected to shoot with the low number of people graduating in the related courses every year.


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