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What These Great Minds had in Common

Updated on March 9, 2018
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Among his varied other writing interests, Richard Parr aspires to creating interesting and inspiring stories about life.

Below I have pieced together a brief biographical blurb of a few noteworthy lives.

Each of them was exceptionally gifted. Their dedication of time and energy in achieving their worthy goals clearly deserving of tribute.

All were academics of the rare kind. Brilliant minds that grasped in vivid clarity what so few manage even a finger hold understanding into.

You may or may not recognise them, and they are in no particular order, but it is likely their legacy has or will affect you in your lifetime; discover a little bit about them below and then read on to discover what they all had in common.

Dr Raymond V. Damadian

Inventor of the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

Dr Raymond V. Damadian would probably be too humble to accept the title 'super-scientist' but the many people whose lives have been saved by the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanning technology he developed might think otherwise. Hailed as one of the greatest diagnostic breakthroughs ever, this technique, using advanced principles of physics and computing, lets doctors visualize many organs and their diseased parts without the risks of exploratory surgery or the radiation associated with traditional scanning methods.

Dr Ian Macreadie

Molecular Biologist and Microbiologist

Author of more than 60 research papers, he is a Principal Research Scientist at the Biomolecular Research Institute of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), and national secretary of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In 1997 he was part of a team which won the CSIRO’s top prize, the Chairman’s Medal. In 1995 he won the Australian Society for Microbiology’s top award, for outstanding contributions to research. He is also adjunct professor of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Dr. John R. Baumgardner


U.S. News & World Report (June 16, 1997) devoted a respectful four-page article to the work of Dr John Baumgardner, calling him "the world's pre-eminent expert in the design of computer models for geophysical convection." Dr. Baumgardner earned degrees from Texas Tech University (B.S., electrical engineering), and Princeton University (M.S., electrical engineering), and earned a Ph.D. in geophysics and space physics from UCLA. Since 1984 he has been employed as a technical staff member at Los Alamos (New Mexico) National Laboratory.

Dr. Raymond Jones

Agricultural Scientist

Dr. Jones, now retired after 38 years of service, worked for Australia’s highly respected government scientific body, CSIRO. He was Officer-in-Charge of the Davies Laboratory, Townsville, and Regional Research Leader. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and the Tropical Grasslands Society of Australia. He has published about 140 research papers. Dr. Jones is best known for solving the Leucaena problem, which has earned millions of dollars for the Australian farming industries. This combined with Dr Jones' other achievements in improving the productivity of the tropical grazing industries, caused CSIRO chief Dr Elizabeth Heij to describe him as ‘one of the top few CSIRO scientists in Australia’. Among the awards he has received are the CSIRO Gold Medal for Research Excellence, and the Urrbrae Award, the latter in recognition of the practical significance of his work for the grazing industry.

Dr. Robert Gentry

Nuclear physicist

Dr. Robert V. Gentry is a nuclear physicist who worked 13 years for the Oakridge National Laboratory as a guest scientist. During the time he worked there, he was recognized as the world's leading authority in his area of research.

Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Three Doctorates and a 3-star NATO General

The late Dr. Arthur E.Wilder-Smith, an honoured scientist with an amazing three earned doctorates. He held many distinguished positions. He obtained his first Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry at Reading University, England in 1941. A research scientist during the war, he subsequently became a fellow of the University of London, and then director of research for a Swiss pharmaceutical company. After becoming a full professor at the University of Geneva, he earned a second doctorate in pharmacology there and later, a third in pharmacological sciences at ETH, a senior university in Zurich, Switzerland. In addition, he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a NATO three-star general! Dr. Wilder-Smith was not only an expert on chemotherapy, pharmacology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry, but a gifted teacher and popular public speaker.

So what did they all have in common?

They are all creationists

"No!" [Shock gasp and horror]

That's right. Great minds with vast scientific knowledge and greater understanding of it than you or I will ever boast of. On that hard earned knowledge they then concluded that much of evolutionary theory was false and that the universe bears all the marks of a created place.

Scientists who utterly reject Evolution may be one of our fastest-growing controversial minorities… Many of the scientists supporting this position hold impressive credentials in science.

— Science Digest

To paraphrase the thoughts of Dr Wilder-Smith, A former Evolutionist who debated various leading scientists on the subject throughout the world (did I mention he had three doctorates); in his opinion, the Evolution model did not fit as well with the established facts of science as did the Creation model of intelligent design.

OK, I know, I started this hub with an ulterior motive, but it worked, got you reading this far, and hopefully you’ve realised that young earth believers are not simply a confused bunch who missed out when IQ was being circulated.

Too often we hear the evolutionary corner mock the creationist corner as some flim-flam pseudo-science.

Yet each of those listed above are (or were) highly respected influencers and leaders in their field; smart enough to make any dozen of the rest of us look stupid.

Often I hear it said that we less academic folk should heed to the “truth” of evolution because its “science” is backed by respected academics... well, um, all that can be said to that is “Ditto” regarding creationism.

A favourite ploy of evolutionists is to portray all Creation Scientists as pseudo-scientists, whereas some of the leading scientists in their fields are creation scientists. This hub contains only a tiny sampling of scientists who are recognized by their secular peers and others as being among the very best in their fields, or who have outstanding academic achievements. There are many, many more.

What do you put it down to?

Why would scientists abandon evolution in favour of creation?

See results

So remember these scientists the next time someone claims that no serious scientists are young earth creationists!

Now some of you may be assuming that I am a supporter of young earth creationism.

Maybe I am, and maybe I'm not.

But the greater consideration is - the EXPERTS are not all evolutionists, not by a long shot; though the evolutionists would have us believe they are.

To be continued...

Did you know that Dr Wilder-Smith once debated Richard Dawkins at Oxford?

Before a crowd of died in the wool evolutionists, it was no surprise Dr Wilder-Smith lost.

What was surprising was that he got 150 of the votes. Dawkin's received 198.

Dr Wilder-Smith managed to turn 150 evolutionary trained thinkers to consider that what he said had the greater merit.

Interestingly from that day on Dawkins refused to debate Creation Scientists in Public... Hmmm.

© 2010 Richard Parr

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  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 4 years ago from Australia

    Quite true, there's been many a leap of assumption and wishful thinking when the scientific method fails to deliver.

  • ajwrites57 profile image

    AJ 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

    I'm no expert, but I think that evolutionists have taken by "faith" the existence of "missing links". Isn't that the antithesis of their "science" parrster? I can understand regular people (believers and unbelievers alike) being confused, but scientists?

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 4 years ago from Australia

    @ajwrites57 ~ thanks for reading and commenting. I believe you're right, there is much blatant bigotry from the evolutionary corner. Having said that, I think many people are genuinely confused by the debate. One of the key problems is the type of evidence that is considered feasible to establishing a conviction. Creationists hold that prima facie evidence is enough. Evolutionists will accept nothing short of the scientific method.

  • ajwrites57 profile image

    AJ 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

    The thing that amazes me parrster is the blatant intellectual dishonesty among anti-creationists and God-hating people in general and scientists in general. Bravo for an interesting Hub!

  • Gracenduta profile image

    Gracenduta 6 years ago from Kenya

    Good to know the great people with great minds, nice hub

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 6 years ago from Australia

    @James ~ Your words mean a lot to me James. So true what you say, contradictions and confusion abound when people choose to abandon God and his wisdom.

  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

    Thank you for publishing this awesome Hub! I love it! Of course those led by the nose by the Devil claim they have cornered the Truth but they also say there is no Truth! How can anyone believe them? Great Hub!!

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 6 years ago from Australia

    @Binaya.Ghimire ~ thanks my friend for dropping by.

  • profile image

    Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

    Truly, I did not know about these people. Interesting, inspiring, informative and very useful hub.

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 6 years ago from Australia

    @ruffridyer ~ Thanks for stopping by to read and comment my friend.

  • profile image

    ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

    Very good hub indeed. Many evolutionists want everyone to believe there are two sides, smart people and creationists.

    Like most things the issue is far more complacated.

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 6 years ago from Australia

    @Bud ~ Thanks for commenting, and for appreciating what I was trying to achieve in this hub.

  • Bud Gallant profile image

    Bud Gallant 6 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Haha. This was very clever. I like how you wrote this.

    It's definitely the case that not all the experts support evolution, and I think it's good your hub will educate people on that.

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 7 years ago from Australia

    @pinkdaisy ~ I hope the results were nothing dire! Thanks for the comment and vote of confidence.

  • pinkdaisy profile image

    pinkdaisy 7 years ago from Canada

    It is really interesting to read about these scientists. I just had an MRI last month! :)

    Great hub...Voted Up!

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 7 years ago from Australia

    Thanks for stopping by MartieCoester, keep enjoying those roses ;)

  • MartieCoetser profile image

    Martie Coetser 7 years ago from South Africa

    "No!" [Shock gasp and horror]....... LOL!

    Thanks for this interesting hub. I like ‘studying’ both models, for somehow I see the two models as one, but from different perspectives. But who am I? Definitely not on the level of any experts. I came to the stage in my life where I ask myself about everything: Does it really matters? Will it change my present or future? Why not merely pick a rose and enjoy the fragrant with all my heart?

    But yes, I do like to know what they’ve discovered and what are their views and theories.

    Take care!

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 7 years ago from Australia

    Yes, a foundational truth that for many is being rocked. I hope in some small way I have contributed to tipping things back on balance. Blessings to you also Grace

  • UlrikeGrace profile image

    UlrikeGrace 7 years ago from Canada

    this was sneaky, I will say that. But the truth it holds is also very foundational to what we believe in life. It is where our world view begins. Great article...Blessings to you parrster