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What to Wear to a Middle School Dance

Updated on September 1, 2013

Preparing for the dance? Most middle school dances are pretty casual, some charter schools have a formal dances and eighth grade usually will have at least one formal dance. We will go over both formal and informal.

The 80's are back! Welcome the the world of neon green and pink, big hair and puffy shoulders. the 80's had so many styles there were the smart dressed looks with vests and white shirts and ties for the ladies, and the punk rockers with slashed jeans and black jackets and the Madonna fans with material girl looks. Spandex tights and leggings were popular and long shirts off the shoulder, boyfriends sweaters were popular, and angora sweaters. Everyone wore tons of eyeliner and makeup.Today it's a lighter spin on the 80's look. with not as much make-up up and gothic looks. Its more of the short ruffled skirts with tights or spandex and neon, I never thought neon would come back!

Ladies most of the students wear a light application of makeup and an appropriate dress for the weather never wear your Daisy Duke shorts in the winter, its simply tacky! You will want something you can dance in, something comfortable and yet stylish, with a touch of class. Most young ladies like to show off their legs, you are young beautiful and should get to, that said not too short, if its super short add some tights and leggings. Most dresses & skirts should be 1-3 inches above the knee so if they were to bend over it won't show undies.

For guys, no saggy pants they might fall off while dancing plus its and old look! Get a belt to make sure your pants look great on you. Skinny jeans look good with a white shirt and tie, belt and black suit jacket if you really want to dress it up. I recommend khakis and a nice flannel shirt, or black pants and a white shirt with a tie, no jacket, or a black vest, without a jacket to worry about for dancing they get in the way and are too hot.

Semi Formal Attire

Dresses Skirts
Khakis or Black Pants
Purse & feminine pdct.
Nice flannel shirt , no T's
flats or heels up to 2" no higher
No baseball or pride hats
bracelets and jewerly
Nice shoes, not old dirty ones
Body spray, makeup
Brush teeth and use cologne

Formal Attire for Teens

Formal Dresses
No Messy hair bunns
Black pants or suit
Hair-up & nice
No worn out shoes
White shirt
Makeup and perfume
heels recomended
earrings necklace, bracelets
no sports bra's
Black vest
High heels up to 2"
Clean socks for guys
Suit jacket possibly
support bra & wired bra
No white socks & black shoes
Nice dress shoes
Nice clutch purse
lip gloss & feminine in purse
No Hats
Nails manicured
brush teeth and bring mints
showered shaved


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  • freelancecontent profile image


    4 years ago from Worldwide Web

    great tips!


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