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Tips on Hosting a Spa Slumber Party

Updated on August 27, 2013

Welcome! In this hub you will find some great ideas for a spa party and sleepover. Usually with spa treatments you would get a manicure pedicure and massage, massage is so beneficial for maintaining good skin health and helps to keep you looking younger. We have a Massage Therapist that will travel, she comes and does a hour massage two times a month at our place. I recommend finding a local masseuse and asking him or her to come and do a mini facial and neck and shoulder rub on clients, also a manicurist to do pedicures. Call your local salons and ask around, tell them it is a special party and they might get permanent clients to come in the salon, that way they are not offended about you trying to get their staff off campus. BUT if you cannot afford this idea do not worry I have more ideas...

The Perfect Manicure

How To ~ Spa Pedicure

Spa Ideas

  • Create a spa atmosphere with a bunch of overstuffed pillows and bean bags, fashion and beauty magazines, you can get some older ones from the library usually people leave extra there. Borrow some bean bags from friends so you don't go out and buy some. You could drape gold silk sheets over them to make it more posh and have all gold theme with pillows. Do not forget the spa scented candles, cucumber, lavender, etc.
  • Spa is associated with water, so be sure you have steamed towels for the face and warm water baths for the feet and hands.Bowls of water with rose pedals, foot baths with bath salts and lavender.
  • Use a baby cooler and roll up hand towels and pour hot water over them and close lid they will stay hot for the evening for facials.
  • Use your crock pot put in 10 small soft smooth river rock stones and water, turn it on low , make sure the stones are covered with water or the stones will break . Cook for about an hour then turn it off, you do not want the stones too hot. Use the stones for hot stone massage.( let them cool a little if they are too hot. ) use a slotted spoon to get them out.
  • Go to the dollar store and grab up trimmers and files and pedicure / manicure items, also pick up a top and base coat of polish. You do not want your party to be too cheap looking that's why you should save your money and buy one or two really nice polishes form a salon. (opi is the best in my opinion). Be sure to have separate files for each person.
  • Use a warm oil for rubbing cuticles and massages. make sure you do not burn people so check it on your wrist with one drop. Vitamin E oil is really good and has healing properties for the skin.
  • Facials treatment regiment as follows: steam, cleanse, scrub and moisturize. when doing a massage, use circular motion up and out never down and in. Never rub too hard around the eyes it creates wrinkles, use the fourth finger next to the pinkie to apply lotion gently under the eyes.
  • Get a Mary Kay consultant to come of over and help do facial and make-up, they will help do it for free!
  • If you have a group of young ladies or teens you might want to do mud masks to help cleanse and pull oils out. I recommend doing that in-place of the scrub for facial regiment.
  • Pick up a spa music CD and play it while getting your treatments.

Splattter Party Nails


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