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Where is the center of our universe?

Updated on October 28, 2008

There is no centre of the universe according to the standard theories of cosmology, the universe formed with a "Big Bang" about 14 billion years ago ( according to theories assumtion) and has been expanding ever since. Yet there is no centre to the expansion because It is the same everywhere. The Big Bang should not be visualised as an ordinary explosion but something different. The universe is not expanding out from a centre into space. The whole universe itself is expanding and it is doing so equally at all places, as far as we know .( as many cosmologists probegated this)

In 1929 Edwin Hubble announced that he had measured the speed of galaxies at different distances away and he discovered that the further they were away from us the faster they were receding. This seems to suggest that we are at the centre of the expanding universe, but it must be remembered that motion is relative. If the universe is expanding uniformly according to Hubble's law it will appear to do so from any galaxy.

so we cannot determine the centre of universe.


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