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Where to take an archeological dig vacation

Updated on June 26, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a great archeological find and have millions know your name? Alright so maybe that’s not going to happen, but hey you never know, if you have always wanted to try your hand at excavating an archeological site, now is your chance and you can do it while on vacation. On most of these vacation digs you will be taught how to excavate, handle and preserve artifacts and what a great way for kids to learn about history and love it, I mean who doesn’t love to play in the dirt?

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Mesa Verde, Arizona offers a wide array of archeological fun, they are currently offering visitors the chance to work on a dig that has been open since 2011 and is planned to continue on into 2013 but could be extended as new sites are found. This is an exciting opportunity to not only excavate artifacts but get to work in the lab alongside archeologist to date the items you find. Crow Canyon also offers travel tours of destinations inside and outside the United States where you can look back into another time and culture.

Are you interested in the wooly mammoth? Would you like to try and uncover a wooly mammoth bone? Then the Mammoth Site is Hot Springs, South Dakota may be what you are looking for, they offer several different types of programs even one that is offered for 4 year olds. For those not wanting to get dirty they also offer a museum with guided tours and you may observe one of their excavations. Can you imagine the joy your child will feel if they unearth one of the many Ice Age treasures that are throughout this area.

The Texas Archeological Society offers some great activities for kids where they will learn all about the history of the area and will get to participate in exploring what it is like to be on a dig including how to keep track of the dig and what is found where. A great adventure for your elementary and junior high age kids.

If you are really into helping to discover these amazing treasures or just want to help preserve what has already been found the best thing to do is become a Passport in Time volunteer. This is a program that is run by the USDA Forest Service that allows anyone to become a volunteer to help with archeological and historic preservation programs. New volunteers will receive their own PIT Passport which is stamped on every dig you go on and you can collect quite a few as there are projects available throughout the United States.

There are many more vacation dig opportunities offered globally, so even if you are leaving the United States for your vacation you can look at the opportunities offered around the world that allow those of us that would normally never have this chance to dig up a piece of history.

Would you ever consider going on a dig for vacation?

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