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Who is Brian Tracy

Updated on April 6, 2010
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy


Brian Tracy is one of Americas most popular public speakers, and self motivation coaches.

His subjects range from improving your life, business & health, through to relationships, and sales skills. He has been a leader in this field for over 30 years, and continues to release audio, video, and written programs to help people change their life for the better.

You Are What You Think


Brian Tracy started off as a poor sales person. He failed many times before he was even remotely successful. His big breakthrough came when he asked one of the successfully people at the firm he worked, how he could be successful just like him.

The man answered, and told brian the specific techniques he was using to ensure that success was predictable. Once Brian learned and practised these secrets his sales doubled, and kept on doubling.

He went on to sell a variety of products, in many industries, and became chairman of many companies.

fear of failure


If your looking to increase your sales in the industry you work in, then I would recommend you buy one of his sales programmes. He has become a master of sales, and breaks down what you need to do to guarantee your success in sales. He explains things like the sales funnel. Which is a principle of figuring out your ratio of prospects to the amount of sales you get.

Once you know this ratio, you can then figure out how many people you need to get in front of to make X number of sales. I found this a great method to overcome your feer of rejection, as the more rejections you get, the quicker you get your winning sales.


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