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Whose in Charge of Our World

Updated on August 6, 2011

Not One Man

Some of the world leaders seem to like to think they are in ultimate control of this world in which we all live. Dictators in many foreign countries would have their people believe that they are as gods and have the power of life and death. Many people in some parts of the world are killed because of their beliefs, or just because those in control want to kill them. The final say on who is in charge will come soon enough. The poor souls in continents over the seas suffer mightily from starvation, disease, mistreatment and death. Sometimes the disasters come from natural causes such as famine and changes in the earth. Often, as down through the ages we have seen,men who have been greedy and power hungry have tried to conquer peoples from all over the globe. They have succeeded in taking over many times, but the will and spirits of the conquered people have not been destroyed. Many times they overcame their assailants and managed to salvage their lives and way of life. We saw this in the scriptures of the Bible and we have seen it take place in our own time in WWII when evil countries and their leaders attempted to take over and dominate all of Europe and Asia. Our God and Creator punished these countries with great and swift justice. They were totally destroyed and had to be rebuilt.The world leaders in parts of Asia and the middle east have felt the wrath for their wrong doings and treatment of neighboring countries. Our own country did not escape the punishment that was brought upon us as a nation when we struggled against and killed one another. Our creator chose the outcome and it was for the better, in the long run, for us all.

The control of our earth and its tides are certainly not within our grasp, and the natural disasters occurring constantly before our eyes is a testament to this fact. We are not in charge. Earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tornadoes ravage our planet constantly. Those that would alter nature and create germ warfare, those who would poison others, and use nuclear weapons in order to gain control, ultimately will only bring destruction to themselves. A country or group that would help its neighbors and defend them against evil leaders have been truly blessed, as witnessed by our own Nation over the years. When we do our Creator's works, we are being the people that our God wants us to be.

The history of human existence over thousands of years has been witness to the attempts of one tribe or nation trying to conquer another. They may succeed and rule over the conquered foe a time, but ultimately the victimized ones will recover and take back their freedoms. This has been demonstrated by the United States when it won its freedom from Britain and became the strongest and one of the greatest countries in the world. When a nation and its people do the will of God and show their goodness, then that country is blessed. There will always be a struggle between good and evil and all we have to do is look and listen to realize this. Our God is in charge and the scriptures of the Bible tell us this and also that one day we will all live in happiness and goodwill. We must endure and hold our faith, this I know. As surely as the Creator made this earth and living things in it, and called it good, I know in my heart of hearts that He will come to take back the world and His people who have all given their lives to Him. When we accept His Son and follow Him, we will all surely see the scriptures fulfilled. May God bless you and keep you.


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