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Choices for a Happy Life

Updated on August 16, 2019
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


Choice 1: Today I Will Become One Day Happier!

Most people think that our life is a continuous hard struggle full of difficulties with few happy moments. They are trying to lean on these few happy moments to find the power to continue their fight until the next happy moment. Photos, videos, and souvenirs are valuable tools in "storing" these flashes.


Looking at the world around me, I can see miracles everywhere and every moment. I can see the love of the Creator within and around me. In the perfume and color of the flowers, in the singing of the birds, in the smell of the soil after the rain, in the colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset, in the taste of fresh-baked bread, in the blessing of cool water, in the warmth of a hug, the magic of a kiss, the smile of a child... The list really never ends!

I cannot, therefore, accept that the Creator of this world would prepare us for a life that would be a continuous hard struggle with few moments of happiness in a world full of miracles. How ironic God, he or she would be?!


I think that there is an explanation. I can understand that selfishness has led us to the illusion that we are separated from our Creator and the wondrous world. This illusion leads us to fear because we feel alone and unprotected. And fear makes us living our lives having our eyes closed in this world of miracles. We are opening them for some brief moments and then dark again. These few moments that we open our eyes and our soul to the world, we are filled with beauty, and we feel happier.

I refuse to live such a life. I decide to stand against selfishness and shout that I am one with my Creator. I choose to live with my eyes open in this Paradise that prepared for me. I refuse to live only moments of happiness when my destiny is to be happy every day.

I know life is not a fight to win, but an incredible adventure to enjoy. I fill with love; I thank God for the miracles he has prepared for me today, and I add another happy day to this beautiful journey!

We live in a world of miracles with eyes closed. Isn't it time to open them?

— Sean Dragon

Choice 2: Ι Deny Stupidity

When I want something, and it does not happen, I look for the cause inside of me and my choices, and I do not blame anyone else. Not even the Universe, because I'm sure it did its best to make my wish come true.

— Sean Dragon

Let's say that for some important reason, for the continuation of my life, I have to nail a small spike on a wall. For some reason, this is vital to me, and so I have decided that I will do it at any cost. So I support the nail on the wall and start to hit it hard with my fist. It does not need to be someone a prophet to predict what will happen. Obviously, the nail will not get in its place, and my hand will get injured. Now I'll describe two possible scenarios:

Scenario A: I am very nervous about what is happening, and I begin to blame everything around me for my bad luck. My egoism does not allow me to think for a moment that something is wrong. It shouts to me that the cause of my difficulties is the wall, is the nail, is the reason that makes necessary the spike be nailed, is the world that is evil and unfair and is the Universe that is so ironically happy with my problem. However, I must continue. We said it was vital to nail that damned spike. So with more force, I hit the nail. My hand is bleeding, and the pain grows. I curse gods and demons, and with fury, I begin to nail the spike by my head. Eventually unhappy, frustrated, and seriously injured my head, I fall unconscious and sink into the dark feelings of abandoning, loneliness, and failure.


Scenario B: I understand that my choice is wrong. I do not leave the voices of negativity and selfishness that have started their insidious work to influence me. I calm and think that the Universe has never left me helpless. So, since it's so important to nail this spike at this moment, it will have taken care of supplying me the right types of equipment, as long as I look for it.

I start my quest, feeling thankful for the new adventure. With enough effort and methodical search I find what I need. A hammer is placing in one of the drawers of the room. The next minute the nail is put in place, and I am happy and full to enjoy the result.

Unfortunately, no matter how foolish it seems, most of the times in our lives we follow the A scenario. Think about it! And this leads us to misery and suffering. But there is no one else to blame for it; just ourselves. Let us remember it the next time we have to do something important in our lives. Let us look for the things that God's love has prepared for us. We are not alone and helpless. Let us not forget this, as convincing as our selfishness trying to be.


Choice 3: I Smile to My Mirror

I show the world compassion, kindness and love starting from my mirror

— Sean Dragon

How many times did you feel disappointed or unhappy because in difficulties there was no one to support you. In the moments that you failed, you made a mistake, and you knew that was your entire fault, you could not find someone to give you a hand or even better to embrace you and tell you it does not matter.

To tell you what you know, but you want and need to hear. That we all make mistakes, big mistakes, especially when we are trying big things. To say to you that we all will sell-out those we love at some point. We will betray what we believe and ourselves. To tell you that we are going to fall many times. To remind you that it does not matter how many times we will fall, but how many times we will get up.

You needed so much to be someone there those times, to give you a hand to get up, to move the dust of shame, to look at you in the eyes and show you that he is not ashamed of you because he has gone through the same. To show understanding and goodness to you, not pity, but compassion, and so help you to forgive yourself and continue again until the final victory.

We all need that. We needed it in the past, and we will need it in the future too many times. Some they need it now while you are reading these lines. Do not forget that. Never.


So try to be there with understanding, compassion and a good word next to anyone you can. And I wish you to help not only your people but also strangers that the circumstances will bring near to you such a moment. Then you will understand that you also have siblings outside your family. The power you give will also become your strength, for that is how it works. When I give, I become full, I do not empty, no matter if the material world tries to convince you of the opposite.

We all need the understanding and the love of the world. And the world wants our own. Do not forget this, not even for a moment. Also, do not forget that you are the world too. So at the time of need, if no one else is there, remember that YOU are.

Go to your mirror, look at your eyes and remind yourself of everything we said. Show yourself that you are not ashamed of him. Show him that you forgive him and love him. Give him your hand to get up and continue your fight. If nothing else, you have won a friend and brother, yourself.

How will I help others if I do not help myself?

— Sean Dragon

© 2017 Ioannis Arvanitis


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