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Why Does The Water Molecule Exhibit Polarization

Updated on October 23, 2012

Water Molecules Give Off Polarization

A water molecule contains 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom, which makes up the molecular formula os H2O.

It is because of these atoms and how they interact which gives water a polar characteristic which answers why does a water molecule exhibit polarization.

Covalent Bonds

Covalent bonds are extremely strong and are not broken easily unless under extreme energy such a stronger oxidizing agent or in the presence of a catalyst which lowers the activation energy required.

These covalent bonds exist within a water molecule.

Van Der Waals Forces

The electrons, which are the negative charges, are drawn towards the oxygen atom. This makes the oxygen atom slightly more negative, and the hydrgon atoms slightly more positive. As a result, a very weak “magnet” is formed, and the weak attractive force is given the name a “Van Der Waals” force. This is shown in the graph provided.

It is this electrotivity and the result of how electrons reside in a water molecule, by residing within the oxygen's electron orbital more, which gives weak inter-molecule forces making it a polar molecule. As a result, this is why the water molecule exhibits polarization.


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