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Why Life Like Us

Updated on January 26, 2012


In a previous hub of mine, I spoke of a researcher claiming to have found signs of life on Venus.

In the comments later, I happened to mention how I thought that our agencies may have already missed some signs of alien life. I was asked to give reasons for my line of thought and so decided to write this hub in response.

Aliens | Source


We know that there are billions and billions of stars in the universe. It is now thought that there are even more planets than there are stars.

Many believe that somewhere in the universe there must be other life forms. I agree and think that there are probably more than most people think.

We have not even ventured outside of our own solar system, yet our “experts” consider themselves qualified to determine on which planets life could exist.

I believe these experts are blinded by their own knowledge, or lack of. They are only qualified to maybe determine which planets life LIKE OURS could exist.


So Big
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So Different
So Different | Source


To take this one step further. If they are only looking for life like ours, then they could have missed other forms of life nearer to home, such as on one of the planets or moons within our own solar system.

Let’s face it; it is believed that we have only found one third of the total number of life forms on our own planet, many of the unfound ones being mammals. Scientists only recently discovered life at a volcanoes edge and in an acid lake, why? Because they hadn’t looked because they didn’t believe that life could exist there.

To me, this means that they are being very blinkered. They are only looking where they believe life could exist.

The question is often asked. Why should we be the only ones in the universe? I ask: why should we have the monopoly on how life should be?

Perhaps other life forms are not carbon based, do not need oxygen, can withstand great heat or cold.

Just because we cannot survive without water and know of nothing that can, does not mean that unknown life forms cannot.

Sure, they can search the “Goldilocks Zones” first but do it with an open mind. Don’t say that there is no life on Mars; say there is no life AS WE KNOW IT on Mars.

I hope this helps to answer the request.


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    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      I hear you rafken, but have you allowed for the possibility however remote that there is nothing? We speculate, but there has never been any proof at least thus far. We have to consider that the Earth could very be exceptional, until there is definitive proof otherwise, regardless as to how unlikely that may seem.

      In regard to Mars,

      Unless you consider a pile of stones life, there is the possibility of there not being any life, as we know, or otherwise. We cannot simply just dismiss that.

      Great article

      thanks Cred2

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      The "experts" certainly don't expect to find life just like us, in fact, they expect to find life - when they do - totally disimilar to us. If life was found on Venus, for example, with its poisonous (to us) atmosphere and extremes of temperature it could not possibly be anything like us. In fact, life on Venus would be more likely to be bacterial or viral.

      Depending on how you define life, it is already coursing through the whole universe in particle form.

      Good hub because it makes readers think