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Why Low Level Jobs Require a College Degree

Updated on February 22, 2013

Because it is the new equivalent in having a high school diploma of 25 years ago. Back then and beyond, the high school degree was quite valuable but as time went, all the applicants for these jobs had a diploma, so employers raised the requirements to weed applicants out. Now, one must have a college degree just to get in the door.

Having a degree in something is a must even to work in the mail room of many firms, to be a receptionist, admin assistants, paralegals, even file clerks or floor sales. Of course, your education has nothing to do with the job, its just some hurdle one must jump to even be considered for the $10 hr. job. It is called degree inflation. The low level job type really does not matter, per se, a four year college degree is simply required to be considered along with relevant skills. This means that hose with only a "high school" degree are twice as likely to remain unemployed longer.

Some employers receive up to 800 resumes and applications for such positions in this economy and because it is an employers market, they set up artificial hurdles for applicants to weed applicants out. Thus, a woman who spent $100,000 to get a college degree can work as a receptionist making $35,000 yr.

One can easily see the day where even have a college degree might not be enough for such jobs and employers demanding a Master's degree to be a qualified applicant. It is not that far fetched with so many MBA.s out there, they are dime a dozen much like college degrees. If you have a low level job and all applicants have college degrees, but a few with MBA's, the employer might just give it to the MBA. Pretty soon, more applicants will have MBA's and the college degree will be treated like the high school diploma.

A long time ago, have a HS diploma was the ticket on the train to success, now it is a college degree for many jobs, in a few years, as the work force is inundated with MBA's, the MBA could be that same ticket on the train to get your foot in the door.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      Cute...but hard to believe.

    • RavenBiker profile image

      RavenBiker 4 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA.

      How about choosing a trade? A college education is pushed far too often on high schoolers. A joke but the reality of the trades:

      A surgeon hired a plumber for some work in the surgeon's house. The surgeon left the plumber alone at the house alone because the plumber said it will be an all day job.

      The surgeon comes home after a sixteen hour day at the hospital. He sees the plumber had left him the bill and left a little more than eight hours before. The surgeon was outraged on the amount the plumber was charging him and decided to call him on the phone.

      After expressing his dismay and outrage over the expense of the plumbing job, the surgeon said, "I spent sixteen hours at work and I didn't make nearly enough to pay for this plumbing job! Did you hire surgeons?"

      The plumber pauses and admitted that a surgeon did do the work. "I was once a surgeon and traded professions for a better paycheck and less hours at work," he said.

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 4 years ago

      You are right......the doors that a High School Diploma once opened would now require a Bachelor or even a Masters degree. What we all need to remember is.....College degrees are now more common than jobs these days. Stay in school and get your degrees!