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Why should you join a Student’s Organization?

Updated on September 7, 2012
Students in a University
Students in a University | Source

The reasons why you should join a student’s organization

Student’s organizations and Academic societies are popular among college students. There are a lot in universities and they are diverse in their purposes. There are academic organizations, varsitarian organizations, social organizations, religious organizations and more. These groups are composed of students from all year levels and they keep the organization alive. These organizations also keep the university alive by creating activities that help students in their studies or help them relax from the ever stressful college life.

A lot of students join organizations but some don’t. They say they don’t need one or that these organizations might cause them to fail some subjects by taking up a lot of their time. Those who don’t join any organizations are really missing a lot in their college life. Organizations are not the main reason for getting delayed. There are a lot of students, who are members of organizations, who graduated on time. It really all depends on how to handle your time and how you prioritize things and that is one thing an organization can teach you.

Prioritization and Time management is important in college life and in a career. With all of the things that needed to be done, a person with little experience on these things will feel overwhelmed. Organizations can help because there are people there that can give you advice and they will also give you a lot of things to do such that you will immediately learn how to manage your time and prioritize things. If you don’t you’re dead. Well, at least either your academic life or organization life will be dead. And students don’t want that so they strive to learn this skill. And this skill is really helpful

Friends are abundant in organizations. There are a lot of people there and friends really help especially when you’re university is far from home and you stay in an apartment. They provide you with a lot of company and you’ll meet a lot of people whom you may not know at all had you not joined that organization. People there are very friendly and they will be willing to help you.

Academic organizations are also perfect for a student who is anxious to keep his grades high. They provide a lot of assistance to its members through tutorials, old exams, books, hand outs and more. Members there are range from a sophomore to a senior and they are likely in the same program as you so they probably have gone through the subject you are having problem with. And they are likely to give you assistance in assignments and projects. And probably hint you what your exam looks like.

Student’s Organizations are not bad as some people think. They can be a great resource. They can help you in your schooling and in other problems too. But even if Organizations are meant to be good, you should still be careful with what you prioritize. Poor academic performance is a result of poor prioritization and poor choices not Organizations.


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