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Will There Never Be Peace on Planet Earth. Doomed to Life on A Galactic Prison

Updated on February 19, 2017

Our hopes for a better future will be decided by the children of the world

only the current children will decide the future of this planet.
only the current children will decide the future of this planet. | Source

Intro to: No Peace on Earth

Learn about:

The evolution of Earth

Earth's true relevance

Our place in the galactic void

Peace on Earth? Never!

At least not in ''our'' lifetime.

But Never, is as illusive, as forever.

Here's my story and I'm sticking to it. A little lightheartedness with some blending of science fiction with reality.

In the beginning-

when earth was formed, and conditions were ideal for life as we know it today, huge catastrophic events occurred not only on this planet, but throughout the entire universe and in our own galaxy.

The earth was barren - devoid of life as we know it. All the elements were here: The soil, the water, the atmosphere, minerals, etc.., but no "life".

Then the "miracles" began to happen on this planet. The vessels (asteroids) carrying the "seeds of life" were flying around the cosmos. {Origin unknown.} Undoubtedly from an inhabited planet that itself evolved and developed as earth did uncountable eons ago that had met its demise by either natural disaster, as is quite common in the vastness of space and time, or by self destruction caused by its careless or violent inhabitants. (similar to our earth today)

The remnants of that broken world were flung out into space and traveled in all directions carrying bits and pieces of the "seeds of life" from that shattered world. (Seeds of life, meaning genetic materials - DNA, RNA, etc..).

Those fragments hit planets, such as our earth, and spread their genetic materials into the air, water and soil, all rich with compatible nutrients suitable for these genetic fragments to grasp onto, enter, find and take nourishment from, and flourish and grow at random. Hence the vast diversity of plant and animal life that subsequently unfolded, like a budding flower, over millions of years.

Our Milky way galaxy

night view of our galaxy
night view of our galaxy | Source
view from our planet
view from our planet | Source
artist rendition of view of our galaxy from space
artist rendition of view of our galaxy from space | Source


as we never knew it.

The subsequent evolution from single cell organisms grew until the first flora and fauna came into existence. The first of the higher animal kingdom were huge in size - dinosaurs on land - whale like creatures in the vast oceans.

When vegetation, fruit, vegetables, and a diverse food supply was available, creating a virtual paradise, the colonization conditions were perfect for the import of (humanoid beings).

Man was not originated from creatures evolving from the sea, as our history has imagined us to be, simply out of a need to define our origins, in a way that could be understood later on in the evolution of this planet. This need to understand, foreshadowed the demand for rational explanations in future time periods of scientific "discoveries" that required empirical evidence of "understandable" proportions.

Earth was one of the newest creations in our galaxy. As "suns" are born in the stellar nurseries, they are projected away from the center of the galaxy, and where they stop, they attract materials (space debris) by gravitational pull. Over eons, universes are created within the galaxies, around each sun. Spinning, growing, and creating beautiful orbs, each with its own distinct characteristics and beauty beyond imagination. Like works of art painted on a blank canvas.

When these orbs (globes)(worlds)(planets) are ripe for sustaining life, they are seeded as earth was - from the remnants of ancient worlds. There are innumerable (countless) earth like planets throughout each galaxy. Billions --> trillions that are teeming with life as we know and understand it, and are millions --> trillions of years older than earth. And our own isolated galaxy itself is but one among trillions of other galaxies throughout the infinite space.

Our earth was a literal melting pot for astral alien (foreign) civilizations to inhabit and colonize. Every 'planet' or inhabitable world by (life as we know it) is unique unto itself and probably uni-racial (at least the oldest of those worlds would be). Earth being just one of its kind (a water world with land masses and an oxygen atmosphere, located in what is known as the 'Goldilocks zone'- a particular orbit around each sun) an exceptional creation, in our own solar system, also one of many millions, within our own extremely huge and ancient milky way galaxy.

Mankind's evolution? Fact or Fantasy?

man's depiction of evolution does not explain the races.
man's depiction of evolution does not explain the races. | Source

The introduction of man (kind)

As each highly advanced civilization discovered earth in their own space exploration programs, their desires were predictably, [as earthly inhabitants are today], invasive, competitive and most probably some egregiously aggressive, possessive and self serving, and quite simply thinking themselves to be better than everyone and everything else around them in their respective universes. Concepts that were imported to this planet within those that inhabited it in the beginnings of humanoid invasions.

All the early signs of extra terrestrials visiting the earth, were not just the imaginations of a few people in the past. The earth itself is millions --> trillions of earth years old - just a fraction of milliseconds in the universal "age" scale..

There have been countless, unknown ancient civilizations that have colonized this planet, countless times past. Each one taking up residence on a 'vacant' part of this planet, suitable for their individual race's needs. Examples: red skinned people settling in north America; yellow skins - Asia; Black skins - Africa; Brown skins - South America, White skins - Europe. Each group of "colors of skin" represent a a different planet in the galaxy. Each dialect represents another planet within those corresponding planets that housed similar 'colors of skin' inhabitants.

Human diversity is as beautiful as those on this video - truly awesome

The "melting pot" concept

In order to grasp this universal concept, you must possess the ability to thing big -on a huge scale: Global > Solar System > Galactic >Universal.

There are billions ===> trillions (+) of galaxies in universal space and all of them in their different stages of growth and development.

Within each of these galaxies there are billions ===> trillions of stars (suns).

Around these stars are solar systems with planets orbiting their suns that are too numerous to number.

Around these planets are moons orbiting each planet. Any one of which (the planets and/or moons) are capable of harboring life that may be compatible, or comparable, to our earth, or to any of the other planets of different composition (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc..).

Life on some of these planets are most assuredly advanced beyond earth ignorance, but in different forms of anatomical structure.

Mass confusion and ultimate blending

With all that said, and all well within the realms of possibility and probability, is it any doubt or wonder that the title of this tale is appropriate?

There can never be peace on this earth, unless the desire to conquer and rule, and self serving individuals and nations, are all eliminated from the equation.

Perhaps as earth continues to evolve, and races meld into one another, or kill each other off, there will be a "'true modern day miracle" borne unto this earth. A worldly race, accepting of each other as equals, friends, allies, and co-dependants in lieu of competition, hatred and the desire to control and dominate. When that evolution of this melding is complete, there just might be a world emergence of peace,

My hope for humanity will not come to pass in our lifetime. Perhaps never. But i too "have a dream" for a better world in the future. Certainly bigger than the current mentality of who can stick it to who the fastest, as we currently do.

The major hurdle that humanity must overcome to progress into a Utopian future is to first get rid of the past . Leave it behind us, where it rightfully belongs.

I see no authoritative figures in our time that even closely represent this desire to move to that future peace and harmony. All i see is self serving and greed dragging us down into everlasting misery.

Perhaps only another "miracle" will stop the current advancement into inevitable self destruction.

Change, growth and evolution, is a long slow and tedious process. If mankind does not destroy itself, i do see exciting possibilities for that "age of enlightenment" to emerge and become the reality for those of us who truly seek a life of "Peace on this earth" . We must all maintain vigilance and work as a single unit to overthrow those who would keep us in tethers for their own personal agendas. Diversity and inclusion of all peoples must be embraced for the beauty it offers. Separation and exclusion are what keeps us from moving towards a peaceful future.

by: d.william

Meditation - visual video art

Earth Lives - very Haunting and beautiful

© 2011 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      We can only hope. Thanks for reading.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      8 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi d.william, I'm always hopeful that it will happen but i don't think it will be in my lifetime .

      Awesome and vote up !!!

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      welcome thoughtforce.

      Thank you so much for your comments. They are truly appreciated. dw

      Thanks old poolman for you kind words. dw

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 

      8 years ago from Sweden

      I would really love to see peace on earth! But like you I don’t think it will happen in the foreseeable future. There would have to be a radical evolution since evolution laws are based upon get credit to the ones who are doing best for the species and it would take a miracle to avoid that the concqueror and the greedy prevail. I love this hub though and share your dream! Voted up!


    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      8 years ago

      dw, I would love to spend an evening across the table from you with the beverage of our choice. I can assure you it would be a long and interesting session. I love what you have to say and you are obviously educated and knowledgeable about many subjects. No, I'm rarely sorry for asking a question, that is how I learn many new things and gain knowledge for myself.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      There is probably a genetic reason for just about every human aspect. However, i don't think greed and hate are included. These are definitely learned behaviors passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, or learned quickly by self-serving individuals, not genes. The haters and the greedy do not believe they are those things, they believe that their behavior is just a part of their own little reality of religion and politics; an acceptable part of society, and the sad part of that statement is, they are correct.

      Unlike the gay population who are 'genetically' programmed to be what they are. Funny, people that practice greed and hatred say that the gay community has made a "choice of lifestyles". And the gay community KNOW that the perpetrators of hate and greed have made their own brand of "choice of lifestyles" - to spread their hatred and bigotry. The difference being that the judgement by the self righeous (religious) is flawed in logic, whereby the judgements made on the greedy and hateful are based on reality that is tangible and visible.

      My article above may sound like science fiction, but it has more credence based on scientific fact that those haters and bigots can ever muster from their small minded fairy tale existence.

      Gene 'therapy' is a real possibility for future consideration. I hope that it is used for good, not evil like most inventions and discoveries of the past. Those greedy few, always manage to find a way to corrupt every good thing that ever happened on this planet.

      Now, are you sorry you asked me that question?

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      8 years ago

      dw, this is just a question. I wonder if we humans are born with greed and hate, or if this is a learned behaviour? Perhaps there is a greed and hate gene that could be eliminated by genetic research? Only then could we approach world peace.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for reading and your kind comments. I am happy you enjoyed the read.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      dw, You are a really good writer. Your dream of a better tomorrow, is my dream also. I know i'm a dreamer, but i wish it could happen in our lifetime. If all people could dismiss greed and hate, what a wonderful world it could be. I appreciate your ability to write in a scientific fashion, yet make it understandable to me, whom, i must admit, has no scientific brain cells. Hee

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      You're welcome, and i am glad you enjoyed the hub. Thanks for stopping by. dw

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 

      8 years ago

      d. Williams, I really doubt that there will ever be Peace on Earth in our lifetime. But Dreams are wonderful, if only they could become a reality, what a wonderful world this would be...Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Pictures and Beautiful Videos.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Always a pleasure to get your input. I have to indulge myself once in a while.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      8 years ago

      d.william, I had to vote this one UP and Beautiful. Your dream is a fine one, and it would be wonderful if it came true. But alas, that is probably something we will never see. By the time we achieve total peace on earth, we will probably go to war with the inhabitants from another planet.

      Great hub and very well written my friend.


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