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With Underground Caverns Will We Survive Disaster?

Updated on December 13, 2011
Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster

History Pt. 1

With all this talk recently of “Doomsday”, everybody must be wandering as to whether, we, as a race can survive.

Well obviously we survived 21st May 2011 but what of 2012?

People say the dinosaurs were made extinct by some natural disaster but what about humans, can it happen to us?

I believe we can survive, after all we are smarter than the dinosaurs and more able to adapt to our environment. I also think that we have already done it in our past.

Today people think that there are two choices. First build a boat or Ark, secondly go underground. Not only has the Bible told of a great flood, there are stories of a great flood from all over the world. What if our history, as we know it, is only that of the ones who decided to use boats? What if there is another half to history, that of those that chose to go underground?

Underground caverns that are vast
Underground caverns that are vast
Must be many more
Must be many more
Nazi's found an underground world?
Nazi's found an underground world?

History Pt. 2

We already know that some great civilizations seemed to have disappeared. Not only Atlantis, civilizations have disappeared from India, Africa and America [the Maya have a legend that their people went underground].

What if these civilizations went underground to avoid what they thought would be a disaster on the surface of the planet? What if they found a way to live there with less fret from disasters?

“Why” you ask “haven’t they returned to the surface?’

If they had sent scouts to the surface, what would they have seen? Wars, deforestation, desertification and pollution, is the answer. Would you return? Especially, if there is mass hysteria about another disaster.

I do not believe in, the increasingly popular “Hollow Earth” theory but do think that civilizations are alive and well living underground. Nazi Germany supposedly found entrances to an underground world in both Antarctica andSouth America.

We have already found several vast caverns underground; perhaps it will take another disaster to seriously look for more. Why is that? We already know that if a devastating disaster is eminent, we cannot reach another planet, so why don’t we spend some of the “Space money” on exploring our own planet fully?


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    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hi, rafken, I am for doing both, exploring earth and space, one does not have to be a contradiction of the other. Lets let the archeologists loose to find out more about the mysteries you speak about in the article. I just believe that space is the new frontier and people have always needed a frontier to keep from getting on each others nerves.

      Nice Hub, regards Cred2

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Dinosaur bones have been found in caves, so I'm not convinced they are good places to retreat to. Maybe for temporary shelter, but I'm guessing there is no place safe enough for a cataclysmic disaster. Bummer.