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Will We Survive The Future

Updated on December 10, 2012

The end of civilization as we know it could be at hand

Actually the future looks very bleak with global warming and peak oil dominating our future and they are there to give our kids something to look forward too. I think there is very little we can do to limit or stop global warming but we should prepare for it.

Some peak oil experts expect as we slowly start to run out of oil we will start to use more coal therefore impacting global warming. The best thing the world can to do to try and survive the future is to follow China’s One Child Policy. The global warming problem can be summed up as a population problem. It seems logical if mankind is causing global warming then the obvious solution is to limit mankind and that means population control. But population control is a taboo subject in nearly every country except China. I must admit I don’t know how effective the China Policy is I did see a few 3-child families when I was there. But nothing compared to around here.

If you have a young family you should be looking to the future so you can give your children the best possible chance. With peak oil and the global warming problem both looming in the near future what are we supposed to do.

A number of noted anthropologist who have studied societies in collapse recommend you live in a small rural village a long way away from any major population centers. Those small communities have a higher chance of survival as they are more self-sufficient than a big city. Also the global warmingproblem seems to be a flood problem so keep well away from coastlines and don’t set up your little farm on a floodplain as water could be a serious problem.

Is this what the future will be like

Is civilization worth saving or should we just start again

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    • profile image

      a1a 4 years ago

      Global warming is more propaganda wake up look at all info only a few so called scientists fall into the global warming bs

    • profile image

      Norbert Roth 7 years ago

      It does not matter what ever happens as the purpose of the time dormain wich we call live is a schoolground for transformation of our ego. The emotions are tested and fear is the controller on one end and desire on the other. Love of a unconditional kind is the escape to the 3 dimension and superseeds all lower dimensions.eternety

    • plegrove profile image

      plegrove 10 years ago from New Zealand

      The planet has been very good to civilization but has mankind been good to the planet. I think we need to change to a sustainable kind of lifestyle to save civilization.