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World News 100 AD

Updated on August 16, 2011


Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra


Tibetans are introducing Buddhism to Indonesia.

Doctors in India note that, sugar in the urine can lead to illness. This illness may be called Diabetes.

A new fashion: that of replacing pictures of Buddha with statues seems to be sweeping the lands.

It has been said that, Pakores the new ruler of the Indo-Parthian Kingdom, may be the last.

The Forth Buddhist Council meets to discuss teachings of the faith.

A group of texts have appeared in India. These texts are called Kama Shastra. Some say that these will become famous because of one of the texts. That one is called Kama sutra.

A new invention in China, the wheelbarrow is starting to revolutionize farming in the country.



The Lions that once roamed Europe and the Balkans have become extinct.

The Markets of Trajan in Rome flourish whilst the Roman army grows to 300,000 in strength.

In what was the Dacian Kingdom, before its loss in war with Rome, Apollodorus of Damascus, is planning to build a bridge across the Danube. It is speculated that one side of the bridge will be known as Serbia and the other Romania.

Once a Greek, now a Roman, Plutarch is writing a work he is calling “Parallel Lives of Famous Men”. It is rumored that this could be an inspiration to others for centuries to come.


In the region, later to be known as Ohio, emerges a common network of trade routes between the Native Americans.

In Central America, an area to eventually be called Mexico, the City of Teotihuacán’s population swells to 50,000.

In South America, a new civilization is emerging. This civilization is to be called Moche.


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      Roberta Kyle 6 years ago from Central New Jersey

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