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Worldwide Poverty: The growing gaps in all Societies and their Struggles

Updated on August 26, 2014

What is Poverty?

Poverty is, by definitive terms, the notion of being poor. This doesn't have to be just of an economic difference, but of any function. This could be in the form of many, some examples as follows:

  • Economic
  • Educational
  • Philosophical
  • Food Deprived
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Religious

As can be seen above, the word poverty can have many underlying conditions and functions that can potentially have either a direct or indirect impact on the individual or society in question. One may be in a poverty stricken area such as Africa, but have philosophical wisdoms and religious knowledge that supersedes the limitations of food or economic deprivations. In this article, we are here to show that just because poverty exists, and it most assuringly does; that one can advance further in their life on other forms of personal enrichment. It will be shown that one may look stricken with poverty, but live with a smile that their family is much closer than a economically enriched country.


Why does Poverty Exist?

It is said that Poverty is not natural, that it is a man-made effort to compete in an economic world. We must, as humans, see that without walls or economics and if humans were to practice a humanities philosophy that shows an all compassionate love towards another; We can Change. As a species, we are said to be Wise, but yet we degrade every moment of this planet, whether through natural resources or of ourselves.

To give voice to stop violent prejudice or a slavery of one or another, whether physically or with economic chains; we can begin to show a notion of true change to equality over inequality. A Quote by Nelson Mandela states as follows:

"Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings."

- Nelson Mandela

There is nothing more grappling than when you look upon a poor stricken nation or geographic location or even the individual, that you see the need for help in their eyes. Their bodies have grown weaker from not being able to eat, but yet they seem happy in a sense. Their families are much closer than someone of a higher class, economics being the gap that spreads the picture far and wide. It is because of an Ethnocentric thought process that wealth is the key factor in happiness for some; philosophical metaphors and processes are thrown to the wayside in the race. We as a species, growing and growing to host a planet that cannot keep up with the man-made processes that deplete her, cannot find the antidote to poverty.


What Countries are currently affected by Poverty?

In reality, almost every country in the world is in one way or another affected by the growing gap between the rich and the poor. The gap of food surplus vs. deficit, is undoubtedly growing by the minute, only because we choose to live the lifestyles of following our economic dreams of being wealthy. Here is a list of Countries that per rate are most affected by poverty and widening gaps (as per FoxBusiness):

  • Haiti (Population Rate 77%)
  • Guinea (Population Rate 76.8%)
  • Zimbabwe (Population Rate 72%)
  • Congo (Population Rate 71.3%)
  • Swaziland (Population Rate 69.2%)
  • Eritrea (Population Rate 69%)
  • Madagascar (Population Rate 68.7%)
  • Burundi (Population Rate 66.9%)
  • Sierra Leone (Population Rate 66.4%)
  • Sao Tome (Population Rate 66.2%)
  • United States of America (Population Rate 15%)

Just to place things in perspective, the Island of Haiti has a population of over 10 Million peoples, with 77% under the poverty level. The USA has a 15% poverty rate, with over 46 million people in poverty, much more than Haiti's total population. It has become a very serious issue, showing widening economic gaps whereas philosophical principles are purely fantasy at the moment while current laws and regulations keep minimum wages at a low digit. How can one proceed to make something of themselves when they have to fight to just pay for housing, food, and basic utilities such as water and electricity?

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What Philosophical Principles are there behind Poverty?

Poverty, in philosophical sense, is existent only in economic principle or through facets of academic failures, or simply being overly Ethnocentric in nature. To be Ethnocentric is to be ignorant of other cultures or influences other than what you grew up or surrounded yourself around. A great philosopher named Plato, said the following:

“The form of law which I propose would be as follows: In a state which is desirous of being saved from the greatest of all plagues—not faction, but rather distraction—there should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor, again, excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil . . . Now the legislator should determine what is to be the limit of poverty or of wealth.”

- Plato (Found at

Through this quote, we see that temptations to grow without each other to support the philosophical boundaries of inequalities, one can easily fall into points of poverty or endure richness without happiness. Another quote, found in a more recent president of the USA, exclaims the following:

"The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life."

-John F. Kennedy (Found on BrainyQuotes)

To explain quite clearly, the president wished for a change in the world, and that the ever existent problems of poverty using modern tools could surely change the focus of issues. From genetic modifications of plants and other agricultural industries in the modern era, we are now able to feed the poverty stricken, if our country in question allows it. It is up to the entirety of the human race to change the course of poverty, to make an equality more important than the inequality.

Graphic in Nature: Very Philosophical and Ethnocentric

What does this all mean? Poverty and Equalities?

Poverty is in direct relation with equalities, that we as a species must, on a cultural level, find a new standard of hope. There are so many starving individuals whereas others are living on a grand, silver platter. This has been found to follow the course of history, an entire world of broken up countries and others that have found war to be the answer in order to unite the masses. As individuals following qualities that are not of an equal nature, but of inequality, we will continue to follow history.

Through equalities that will most assumingly bring an end to the inequalities that Ethnocentric attitudes try to produce. We need assistance, whether on a moralistic or philosophical level, to gain a understanding that by thinking outside the box, we as a species will get through the hard times that are poverty. Be that change, and you will forever be free of disregard, of hatred toward particular geographical groups and races. Remember to always smile, and give without expecting to have something given back, and your life will change most indefinitely.


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