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Updated on December 2, 2011

Adapting to a newborn

Change is inevitable- you can't stop it and why would you want to?

When I was younger I hated change, I hated people moving or myself moving away or new jobs or new school years. I often wondered why things had to change. Now I embrace change for the most part. Change, it what makes us value the things in our past- with out things changing , we wouldn't appreciate the things we've been through or the people we've known. We wouldn't grow, because we wouldn't think things could be any better then there were right at that moment. We would not know the difference, in other words. If we kept being in bad relationships , for example, we would never realize that they were "bad" relationships with out changing into new relationships that are productive & good. We wouldn't change bad habits, like smoking, because we wouldn't know how much better we could feel or look and breath if we didn't change that or quit that habit.

I'm going through a 'change' right now. A new little boy has entered the family and with that brings a lot of change. Change for me , the husband & the other kids. The dynamics of the family unit must change in order to mesh with this new existence. Sleep patterns, eating patterns, how noisy or quite we have to be....My youngest son no longer being the baby and now we have three boys and still two girls. I miss how it once was, but I also love what it's changing into. New experiences, new memories and a another time to start over building this childs foundation for the rest of his life as compared to his brothers and sisters, because now we have changed in the past few years and we have learned more on how to deal with somethings that come up and we've become more knowledgable because of change.

A smile can change someone elses day!

Video by Staind-Everything Changes

It's all for a reason

Sometimes , there's good change and sometimes there's bad change, but in the end it's all for a reason.

What we have to do is accept change and roll with the flow and one day we can look back and say, " I'm so glad that happened" or "I'm so glad I was able to get out of that situation". and sometimes we have to be the ones to initiate the change to make our selves and our lives "better".

Sometimes we can cause change in other peoples lives as well. We don't always keep that in mind as we go through life. I think about that little poem or e-mail about a "smile" and it talks about all these people who just take a minute to smile at a stranger on the street and the impact that it has on these people after we pass by them and it changes their day and we don't even know it happened.

I always think about those silly questions on surveys that say "Regrets" or "what would you go back and change if you could?" and I think , "Yea, there's a lot of things I could/would have done different IF I'd known then what I know now, however, I would not have know these things that I know now if those things that I would have changed did not occur. With change we are allowed to recognize those bad decisions and those bad relationships and those bad events. Like the saying "what you don't know can't hurt you", Oh yes it can, because I've been hurt by alot of things that I didn't know....but in the long run those things only made me the stronger , smarter person that I am today-and I'm still learning from those past events and as I grow older a new outlook on things start happening and you start to understand more the events that have taken place in your life and the "good" that has actually come from what you once thought was a horrible thing.

We try to warn our kids and our friends about things, "don't touch that stove , it's hot and you'll get burned" or "don't go out with that guy, yea, he's hot but you're gonna get burned"...but in the end sometimes, they have to find out for themselves and only then will they learn. Realizing this, I try not to be too hard on my kids for wrong decisions, because while I hate to see them hurt or disappointed, I also know that they have learned a valuable lesson and eventually in the future it will become a benefit to them and one less hurdle they'll have to face later.And you just try real hard to not say, " I told you so"

I never thought in my life that I would have had five kids.....I never thought in my life I would have found someone so good as my husband is to me.....I had sworn to myself to be a single womnan for the rest of my life at one point, happy with just my two babies.....thank God I "changed" my mind and went with the flow!


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