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Your Baby Can Read

Updated on January 5, 2011

Your Baby Can Read

Your Baby Can Read - So What is it?

Your baby can read is an early learning language development system created by Dr. Titzerand is being used in more than a dozen countries around the world.The makers claim that the first five years of a child's life are the best time to learn a language.
They state that studies prove that the earlier a child learns to read, the better
they perform in school and later in life.Read on to see if the your baby can read reviews
are positive or not.

How does Your Baby Can Read Work?

Well it is a dvd program that works in a similar manner to the Rosetta stone and other foreign language courses by showing pictures along with a word.For example if the word is dog it would be repeated several times with a picture of man's best friend along with it.The picture would then
be removed and the word would continue being repeated a few more times.The idea is
that the child will learn through repetition.

Your Baby Can Read Reviews

The subject of early learning in and of itself seems to be a rather controversial subject with one side claiming that forced learning at such an eary age is just plain wrong while others feel that any educational boost you can give your child is going to benefit them later in life.
As for the "your baby can read reviews" they appear to be mixed.Some claim that learning to read in this manner is not giving the child a real comprehension of the words but merely having them mimic what they are seeing on the screen.

From the many Your Baby Can Read reviews I have seen, there seem to be plenty of parents that are thrilled with the results they are seeing and the negative reviews seem to be more about the aforementioned issue of whether one should be teaching your child at such an early age and not whether the product actually works.

If you'd like to try an early learning language system for your child then the your baby can read system is well worth a try because the reviews are more positive than negative and they offer a risk free 30 day trial anyway so you can't really lose.

Your Baby Can Read Video

What you'll find in the Your Baby Can Read System

Here is what they offer on their website.

In the Your Baby Can Read Deluxe Kit they offer "complete set of tools to unlock your child's reading potential."

it includes:

  • A 5-Level DVD Reading System. "These fun, interactive videos will keep your baby reading and entertained!"
  • 5 Sets of Sliding Words Cards. The read & play cards accompany each level and reinforce what your child has learned.
  • 5 Lift-a-Flap Books. The word and picture books accompany each level and introduce familiar words from the DVDs in a new format.

For the Parents:

Baby's First Teacher Pack. Contains everything you need to help your child succeed!

  •  Parent's Guide. Gives easy step-by-step instructions to the Your Baby Can Read! Program.
  •  Early Learning Workshop DVD. Dr. Titzer shares his secrets for a fun, multi-sensory approach to early language development.
  • Teaching Cards. 15 Fun Games with 83 double-sided Interactive Cards to play with your child!

Your Input can Help Others

If you are about to try or have already used the your baby can read program please leave a comment below and let others benefit from your experience. Leave your baby can read review and let everyone know how your child progressing.


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