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School is Not a place for gays coming out

Updated on June 8, 2014



School is Not a place for gays coming out

I read in the news that “Principal comes out at school's gay pride day.” Let me quote the principal, Pete Cahall, in front of the student body "I just turned 50 a couple weeks ago, and I'm tired of hiding." at the school's annual gay pride celebration

I was taken back heavy. Lets just say that I became deeply troubled because what is going in American schools. The sexuality agenda does not belong in the schools period. Since when has it become such an important issue that teenagers need to hear it. They have plenty of time in their later years to develop their opinions on this subject. Young people need to focus on school subjects and nothing else. No wonder their grades are falling and the US is lagging behind the rest of the world in education. Kids are being pushed around about irrelevant and unnecessary information while they need to survive academically. We are raising a generation of sexual zombies who make a priority to experiment early in life and march in pride parades. Now, I say our schools are not a platform for tackling or facilitating anybody’s sexual agenda.

Let’s Go Back to Basics

Why sow confusion into teenagers’ minds? Do you not think that young people growing up in this world today do not have enough issues to deal with without having to deal with your agenda as well? Is sex and sexuality really that important that you have to bring it down to schools? Huh? What about celibacy? Huh? What would you like to say to the young man from Isla Vista? His complaint was that girls did not want him even though he felt he 0was a perfect gentleman. He felt this was supposed to be time to be “having fun” but not him. Why is sexuality so freaking important and why is it being pushed so hard at schools. I just would like to know. For once I’d like to hear “My name is Harry and I am celibate, because…” Lets guide the youth back to the right books so they learn again. Lets guide the youth back to become team players not sex objects.

What is the Purpose of Schools?

According to Whole Schooling research, the most important strategies usually include following when planning a successful student curriculum:

Identify achievable basic skills for all students, skills in demand most jobs and current industry

• Test students to identify them as competent or incompetent on basic skills
• Make a conscience effort to increase the number of students meeting competence in basic skills.
Very important that the curriculum focuses narrowly on the basic skills rather than curriculum options that address individual interests and needs
• Facilitate conditions under which students with challenges drop out of the system to reduce costs

There are only 24 hours in a day. When a teenager prepares for the world to learn what is important he/she is vulnerable. It is our responsibility not to take advantage of the vulnerability, but rather feed their hunger to learn. Math, English, and then add to it gay agenda? After a while a teenager will grow numb hearing discussions about homosexuality. Maybe somebody will recruit him/her to experiment. One thing usually leads to another. I have seen it played out. School is a place of learning, therefore, anything that is represented at school is perceived “politically correct.” Now, most people agree that homosexuality is a hotly debated topic and the family of a teenager has the right to embrace a belief system that does not condone homosexuality. So, why should a teenager then have to be forced in the school setting to hear from peers about gay agenda? There are different venues for that. Instead, lets promote Math, English and Mountain Biking or any other sport or hobby. Not only are sports great for your physique, it also improves your focus and health. It is a win-win situation. On the other hand pushing the gay agenda can disturb a teenager’s mind and hinder concentration. It only makes sense to keep this subject off the school grounds. Sexuality can wait. Let them find out later in their life, because, believe me, they will.

This a public poll - what is your opinion?

Do you think that schools should keep focused on teaching on educational subjects or should they allow different agendas facilitate school grounds?

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by madzindia
by madzindia | Source

This is what is Happening in Canada - Soon it will Trickle Here

© 2014 Karoliina Urso


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    • profile image

      Khushi 3 years ago

      Happy Holidays ah...So lonely here wuothit you. Will be worst tomorrow at work, haha.I finished all of the 1st season of GLEE... so much fun!!! You should get the soundtrack lah!

    • Mr. Smith profile image

      Mr. Smith 3 years ago from California

      Very interesting.

      There was a lot of time wasted in schools even when I was young. Evolution was the big issue being forced on us then. There will be something different when sexuality becomes a boring topic among school administrators. Until then, they will press their issues upon children seemingly without restraint. That is the way of "the world". It is not God's way; and that is why the two ways will eventually clash. Collecting the youth is priority for the evil-minded.