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Elissabat Doll From Monster High - Release Date & News

Updated on October 29, 2013

On this page we are going to be looking at the brand new Elissabat doll from Monster High. We will review this new doll, take a look at the Elissabat doll release date and tell you a little bit more of what to expect from this brand new Monster High character. Along with that we will tell you about some other new Monster High dolls that are going to be coming out in 2014. If you love the ghouls of MH and want to know all about the latest Elissabat doll then you are in the right place.

Monster High has been running for a good few years now. In that time the company behind the product, Mattel, have been working tirelessly to keep the range fresh and exciting. We have seen hundreds of dolls brought out and lots of new characters. The students of Monster High are all the children of some famous monster. So we have children of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, sea creatures and a whole host of other nasties. The range of characters really is impressive and there are some really fun ghouls that attend the school. Mattel are always thinking up new character names and then bringing out dolls based on them, one of the latest new additions we are going to see is Elissabat, so let’s take a look at her.

Elissabat Coming Soon

The New Elissabat Doll

In the spring of 2014 we are going to see a Monster High special called Frights, Camera, Action. We have seen various TV specials in the past and these are usually used as an excuse to bring in new characters and thus new dolls. Frights, Camera, Action is going to be one of the biggest specials yet with lots of new characters coming in. One that has been announced is Elissabat. Not a great deal is yet known of her but we think she is the daughter of Vampire Bat and she could well be related to Draculaura in some way.

The character will have pale skin and dark long hair, we are expecting her to dress in a gothic style. At the San Diego Comic Con there were various dolls from Frights, Camera, Action previewed however, Elissabat was not shown until the New York Comic Con which comes later in the year. So as you can see from the picture she has straight purple hair and dark purple eyes. As we expected she does have little fangs that show through which is of course as she is a vampire. Her outfit consists of a black and purple dress that is quite short, she also wears long boots that come up over the knees. She does not look quite as spectacular as some of the new releases but we are sure Elissabat will still be a very popular new doll.

So when it comes to a release date for Elissabat this will be at some point over the spring. We would guess that we would be looking around March time for the official release date although as is often the case these dolls start to show up online before the release date has arrived. When we get an official word on when the doll is hitting the stores we will let you know. One thing we do know is that she will be launched with the Frights, Camera, Action range of dolls which will included a few new characters and a few classic ones with new versions of dolls.

Honey Swamp

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More New Monster High Dolls For 2014

As we have already mentioned the TV special coming in the spring is going to be huge! There are lots of new characters coming out and so let’s take a look at some of them.

Honey Swamp - This is a fantastic looking doll as you can see from the picture. Honey has really crazy hair and a haunting look to her eyes. She was previewed at the San Diego Comic Con and of all the new dolls coming out she went down the best. She is said to be the daughter of a swamp monster, possibly the one that is said to dwell in the actual Honey Swamps which are located down in Louisiana. Of all the new dolls coming out in 2014 this could be the most popular one.

Clawdia Wolf - Yet another sister of Clawdeen Wolf, Clawdia is her older sister. Her doll was also previewed at Comic Con and she comes with golden blonde wavy hair and a smart red jacket. She has the usual little wolf fangs and looks to be an older more sophisticated version of Clawdeen. Interestingly her doll is also slightly taller than most of the others, this is probably to show she is older than her sister.

Slo Mo - This one is not expected to come out with the TV special but we should see out first Slo Mo doll sometime in the spring. Mo is of course the boyfriend of Ghoulia Yelps and he has been in the show for some time. He comes holding a ghoul spirit flag and will be brought out with the Ghoul Spirit range of dolls that we are going to see in 2014.

Jane Boolittle

Viperene Gorgon - Another character coming with the TV special is Viperene Gorgon. She is the sister of Deuce Gorgon and so she has features that are very serpent like, most noticeably her eyes. She also comes with a pink necklace made from snakes which looks really spectacular, her hair is bright pink as well. So we should get a release date of March time for this one.

Jane Boolittle - We’re not sure exactly when this new doll will be released but it is likely to be early 2014. Jane Boolittle is the daughter of a witch doctor and she comes with a leg brace and a doctors bag. She is quite an interesting looking character and another one that was first show at San Diego Comic Con.

There will no doubt be other new Monster High releases coming out but these are the big ones that we have already been made aware of. Although we are told it will probably not be till spring 2014 when we see these new characters, do not be surprised if it turns out to be much sooner. One thing is certain, Monster High doll collectors are going to be very busy over the coming months.


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    • profile image

      MonsterHighGeek 4 years ago

      I really like Elissabat and I can sooo not believe that Viperine is Deuce's sister


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