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Why the doctors ask for pathological tests when they know that the same are not relevant?

Hb1AC is a blood serum test to know the average blood glucose level during the last six months to know if Diabetes is under excellent, good, fair or poor control. But the test can not be relied upon in case of diabetes patient if his or her Hb level is lower than normal. Even after knowing these facts endocrinologists prescribe the Hb1Ac Test just to make a hole in the wallet of the patient.


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ajosh143 says

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3 years ago
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    Ashok Goyal (wqaindia) 3 years ago

    HbA1C test is no doubt good to know the average diabetic control over a period of time but its values become irrelevant if the diabetic patient in having anemia or Hb level low than the normal level.