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What Is More Important? Impulse Or Understanding?

Why are people quick to react rather than understand? The more I ponder, the more insight I gain, and the more calm I am understanding something instead of feeling impulsive. I honestly feel that impulsiveness will be the death of us and without careful analysis and in depth thought, we cannot grow as humans. If people did not act rash with every decision that was faced with them, then it would be much simpler getting along without wanting to hit or steal or cheat or lie etc.


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Rochelle Frank says

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2 years ago
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  • Phil Perez profile image

    Phil Perez 2 years ago

    Well, the impulse to make good decisions just comes from forethought from past experiences. It doesn't really have to be thought of because of your strong belief in your judgment. But that still might be relative, so I probably have to agree.