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What causes people to have a negative, even soul devouring and soul destroying attitude

being highly CRITICAL and ENVIOUS of those who are and/or aim to be extremely successful, famous, and otherwise ambitious people? Why makes such people decry those who want to better themselves and to made a significant contribution to society? Why do such people have a crab in the barrel mentality, always casting negative aspersions to those who want to be highly successful? What makes such people ALWAYS saying something NEGATIVE about success, ambition, and fame?


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Kiss andTales says

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2 years ago
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    Nichol marie (chuckandus6) 2 years ago

    i agree haters,negetivity,and prejudice comes in all forms some people toward rich some towards poor,ext..

    although it is possible saying i dont want to be rich, i dont want to be poor and this is just opinion on what is best for that person.