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If a color comes up 2 out of 12 spins how many would it theoretically come up per 27 spins?

My son is working on math that is way beyond me now that am 49-have been out of school for so long. He spun a wheel with a number of colors 12 times and green came up twice and orange once. If he were to spin it 15 more times (for a total now of 27 spins), what now would be the total of times green and orange comes up? Since we already know what happened when there was 12 spins I think we just now need to calculate for the additional 15 spins? I know you could spin it 15 more times and neither color comes up at all but just assume the same as when it was spun the first 12 times. Thanks!


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Chloe Davis Smith (nochance) says

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4 weeks ago
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    Missing Link 4 weeks ago

    Thanks very much! I've been out of school way to long to handle math like this by myself! Thanks again!