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Can we travel back in time without affecting the future?

  1. mrpotavin profile image69
    mrpotavinposted 4 years ago

    Can we travel back in time without affecting the future?

    Quantum superposition holds that a physical system exists partly in all particular, theoretically possible states, which makes me think that we can theoretically go back in time and it would have no impact on the future because it is already a possible state as long as it is not during our own lifetime. I am curious because I am writing a book that deals with this subject.

  2. syzygyastro profile image78
    syzygyastroposted 4 years ago

    Every time we record an event in video or make a movie, it is somewhat like freezing moments that are carried into the future. Thus, watching old documentaries is somewhat like time travel. You may alter the film as is often done at the time of making, creating two or more stories, but that does not change the future except how it impacts those watching it. For instance. I recently saw a documentary on Indonesia under the brutal dictatorship of Suharto who put a third of his population to genocide in 1965-66. This story was under reported at the time if reported at all. When I finally became aware of this hidden genocide, it had a profound effect on me, causing me to wonder what else has been hidden from sight. A movie was also made about this bloody atrocity. called "The Year of Living Dangerously". I saw the movie, but did not make the connection to the real event until I "time traveled" to the era and location via documentary accounts. It did have a profound effect on me! The past can affect the present and future!

  3. Jonas James profile image61
    Jonas Jamesposted 4 years ago

    Time is not a physical entity that you can walk along as if walking down a road!  Time travel is strictly for science fiction!

    1. mrpotavin profile image69
      mrpotavinposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Good thing my book will be science fiction then...

  4. kashmir-ladakh profile image62
    kashmir-ladakhposted 4 years ago

    I wish that could be possible. so i could travel back in time  and see how the people lived centuries before.

  5. brutishspoon profile image66
    brutishspoonposted 4 years ago

    If we could travel back in time and change the passed then you would change the future.However in Quantum theory where everything can happen does happen then by going back and changing the passed you would create a parallel universe where the changes would occur.