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Ants In,Around or Near The Kitchen Sink "How To Get Rid Of Them With Peppermint Candy "

Updated on October 10, 2013

Goo At The Kitchen Sink

I came to stay at my pop's house for the summer and I seen this white and red goo on the little space between the kitchen sink faucet and the window. It was as round as a quarter with liquid gooing about it. My pop's getting old so i thought will he didn't see it when he washed the dishes and wipe down the counters.So i left it and thought well if it was there tomorrow after he did the dishes i would clean it up for him.

The next day I left and when I got back to my pop's , I went over to get a glass from the cabinet the messy goo was still there. Me being me I cleaned it up, it was like it was sugar and peppermint, it smelled rather good. A few days to a week went by. The next thing i notice was there was all these little black ants all over the counter and there were a lot of them. I told pop that he has an ant problem and we need to do something to get rid of them. What he said was yeah, I got to feed them. Here i am thinking why would you want to feed them we need to get rid of them. (Thought he was losing it lol).

This is How He Gets Rid of Ants

He went to the closet and pulled a bag of round peppermint candy out and unwrap one and put it where the red and white goo was. He said that he tried everything and nothing seem to work. He remembered his mom use to put out pieces of peppermint sticks to keep the ants away. In a few minutes the ants were all around the peppermint candy.In a about a day or two the ants were gone, I see maybe 2 or 3 now and then nothing like what I seen before. If you got ants in the house use peppermint candy it is the best of all ant baits and it does the trick to get rid of them.

How To Get Rid of Ants

All you have to do to get rid of ants is set one piece of peppermint candy out near were you see the ants. If they are near the kitchen sink put the candy behind the faucet. You can put it on a piece of cardboard or piece of a sandwich baggy under the candy about the twice of the size of the candy. For best results don't use any thing lay it right on the counter its easy to clean up after the ants leave. If in the bathroom or any were else in the home i would use a piece of cardboard or a piece of a sandwich baggy to lay under the candy. If ants return put anther piece out for them.


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    • MoRita profile image

      MoRita 7 years ago from IL

      Very interesting. I'll have to remember that. It's got to be safer around kids and pets than those ant traps. Good tip if it works! Thanks for sharing. :0)