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Top 10 Best Online Schools For Education Degree

Updated on May 3, 2015

Online Education Degrees

Online Education.
Online Education. | Source

Indiana University Bloomington Online Graduate School for Education

Best Online Schools For Education Degree? Indiana University Bloomington is considered one of the best online schools for education. The university has accreditation status with the USA national council for accreditation of teacher education and the North Central Commission in Institutions of higher education (NCCIHE). The University has a very high student engagement rate and faculty rating (100%) as assessed by the US News and world report.

Indiana University Bloomington offers certificate and Masters courses. Among the key certificate courses taught in the online university are: Education Law certificate; Higher education and student affairs certificate; Instructional systems technology certificate; Learning sciences, media and technology; Preparing educators of students with autism; Instructional systems technology distance education degree; Educational Leadership Masters degree; Instructional systems technology, distance; Literacy, culture and language education; Masters adult education degree; Special education for Indiana Schools today masters degree.

For one to gain admission to one of these courses, you will need to write an entrance application essay, have a relatively good GRE score, a letter of recommendation and TOEFL especially for international students. Indiana has a 74% admission acceptance rate. The tuition ranges from 404 to 1178 dollars per credit hour.

Education Online Degrees

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Arizona State University (ASU) Online Education School

Arizona State University (ASU) online school for education is accredited by the higher learning commission of the North central association of schools and colleges. ASU charges a $65 non-refundable fee for admission. Official transcripts are also required as part of the admission process. Undergraduate courses cost between $480-$543 per credit hour. 3 credits is the minimum number of credits offered per course. The university offers financial aid, grants and federal work study programs. It is said that more than 70% of students enrolled in ASU receive some form of financial assistance yearly.

The university offers certificate courses in Early childhood education; a degree course in education studies; Masters of education in Curriculum and instruction (Applied behaviour analysis); Masters of education in curriculum and instruction (Autism spectrum disorders) and a Master of education leadership.

Pennsylvania State University Online College for Education

The Penn State online school for education was ranked position 33 by the U.S News and World report in the category of best online schools for education in the US. It is accredited by Middle State Association of colleges and Schools and offers courses at Associate degree level, Bachelors degree, Certificate, Minors, Master’s and Doctoral online degrees in education.

The Masters degree in education online is offered in adult education, art education, curriculum and instruction, children’s literature, earth sciences, education leadership, teacher leadership, learning, design and technology, education technology and higher education.

The school offers certificates in applied behaviour analysis, children’s literature, distance education, earth sciences education, educating individuals with Autism, family literacy, instructional research, special education and supervisory program for PDE, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

The tuition costs 518 dollars per credit hour for a cumulative 12 credit hours. However if the cost per credit hour exceeds the flat rate fee of 6353 dollars, you are allowed to pay the flat rate. For the Masters course, the flat rate is 9135$ and the cost per credit hour is $761 per credit hour.

If you are a federal student you can apply for financial aid. The school operates a deferred payment plan of three months for those who would rather pay in installments. There are also a number of scholarship opportunities one can apply to like the trustee scholarship program and the Penn state outreach advisory board trustee in the world campus.

George Washington University Online Graduate School for Education and Human Development

George Washington graduate school for education and human development offers online courses to all students across the globe. It was ranked among the top 20 online schools that offer the best online education programs. The on campus education school was also ranked position 55 by the U.S News and World news recently.

This is a clear vote of the quality of education offered by the school. The District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education (DC–OSSE) and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education/Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (NCATE/CAEP) are the bodies that the George Washington on line school is accredited to. The university offers the following courses in their Masters of Education and Human Development program:

  • Educational Technology Leadership (36 credit hours)
  • Rehabilitation counselling (48 credit hours at the cost of 680 dollars)
  • Secondary special education and transition services (42 credit hours)
  • Special education for culturally and linguistically diverse learners (45 credit hours)

The university charges a non refundable application fee of $75. The key entry requirements are a good GRE score, undergraduate official transcripts, writing samples and a written essay. You will also need a resume, recommendation letter and a statement of understanding. The school admits in the fall, spring and summer semester. The school offers certificate courses, Master’s and Doctoral programs.

Education Online Degree

 Best online schools for education degree
Best online schools for education degree | Source

University of Houston Texas Online College for Education

The university has solid credentials and reputation for providing highly recognized and quality online degree in education. According to the U.S News and World ranking, University of Houston is among the top three best schools that provide online best courses in education.

The ranking body also scored the online course as having highly effective student services and technology that enhances a vibrant student engagement. University of Houston online school for education offers Master’s of education in administration and supervision for higher education; Master’s of education in curriculum and instruction (Mathematics education); Master’s of education in gifted and talented education.

They also offer certificate courses in designing and developing educational multimedia and certificate in online teaching and learning. Online courses are priced at the same cost as onsite classes. Admission varies depending on whether you are a freshman, transferring credits from another institution or a graduate student. Besides being a member of the council of graduate schools which is the national commission of accrediting, the University of Houston is accredited by the state board for educator certification and the national council for accreditation of teacher education.

St John’s University Online Education School

St John’s University offers education degrees online at Masters Level. It also offers certificate courses in Bilingual education extension, bilingual pupil personnel gifted education and intensive teacher institute. The university is highly ranked by the U.S News and World report which placed it on fifth position in the category of best online schools for education with best online education program.

The Masters courses offered are Masters of education in teaching children with disabilities in childhood education and school building leadership. The school offers financial assistance basing on merit. The online school is accredited by the middle states commission in higher education. The online education courses offered are accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). Once you complete the Bachelor of Science in education course, you are legible for the New York state accreditation to childhood education.

Ball State University Online Graduate School for Education

The university was ranked number 11 by the U.S News and World report in their best online education programs category. Ball State univesrity online school for education has good credentials in providing quality education. They also have a high student satisfaction rate. The Masters of art in special education focuses on the following areas: applied behaviour analysis, autism, exceptional needs and severe interventions. A good GRE /GPA and a bachelors degree from an accredited university is required as part of the admission requirements.

The cost per credit hour is between 518 and 530 dollars. If you plan to pay with your debit or credit card, you will be charged 2.75% of your total bill. One must complete at least 30 credit hours to get the Masters degree. The online school offers free and discounted software to their online students. For instance if you are an online student you can get the full MS office for only 27 dollars and not the 399 dollars retail market price. The university is accredited by the accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, AACSB International.

Auburn University Online College for Education

The online school for education at Auburn University offers Masters Courses in Agri-science education; alternative masters in business marketing education; masters in adult education, traditional masters in business/marketing education, and masters in elementary education. Other courses include special education, early childhood, library and media studies, French education and Spanish education.

Besides the Masters program the online school also offers certificates in adult education and English language teaching, extension educator, movement skill analysis, program evaluation, rehabilitation, leadership and management. The cost for the online courses is 560 dollars per credit hour. The University offers scholarships based on merit. There are also federal financial programs one can apply to for financial help. Entry requirement to the teacher education program is a GPA of 2.5.

The School also requires one to spend some time in the field to get hands on experience in teaching. The school offers specialised online degree education for people already in the teaching profession. Specialised courses are offered in their respective departments.

Accreditation for the Auburn College of education is by the National council for accreditation of teacher education (NCATE). The teaching certification from the online Auburn school can be used to teach in any state in the USA because it is ratified by the Alabama state National association of state education directors and certification that sanction interstate certification and collaboration.

University of Nebraska Lincoln Online College for Education

University of Nebraska Lincoln offers mainly graduate degree courses. Nebraska online school for education is ranked among the top twenty best online graduate schools in the USA basing on its ability to deliver highly interactive and engaging education courses. Student ratings and review for the online education school are quite positive according to the U.S News and World ranking report that placed University of Nebraska on-line graduate education at number 11 in their best online graduate education schools category.

Scholarship opportunities are available to both on site and online students. The university is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Tuition fees paid depend on residency. Resident students pay 271.25 dollars per credit hour while non-residents pay 837 per credit hour.

The University of Nebraska has been providing online/distance learning education for the last 100 years. With such great experience the university knows the “in and out” of delivering a high quality online education. For example they have online courses with on campus testing or a purely online affair for both course and testing.

The online course follows the onsite university calendar. The Nebraska online university is said to be one of the best for military veterans indeed it was ranked as number two by the U.S News and World report in 2014. Many members of staff for the on line school of education received an award for distinguished teaching in 2013, a testament to the quality of education the program offers.

Rossier Online Education School

Rossier school for education is accredited by the national council on accreditation of teacher education; it is also accredited with educator preparation and the western association of schools and colleges.

Rossier offers Masters and EdD (PhD) programs. The online course is integrated with field internship to offer cutting edge online and teaching field experiences in areas of your choice, preferable near where you live. The University also offers scholarships that could range from 2000 – 6000 dollars. These are disbursed in form of tuition reimbursement and loan forgiveness to exceptionally performing students.

As an online student you still enjoy full student status, which means that you can access university facilities if you live nearby. They also have an arrangement for monthly meet-up where one can meet other online students to share ideas and network. With this online education school, you will be on your way to becoming a qualified teacher in 12 months.

Rossier offers Master’s of Arts in Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) Masters of education in teacher leadership, Learning design and technology and doctor of education. A USA equivalent bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for entry into the Masters course. International students have to submit a valid internet based TOEFL score. Admission takes place four times a year (January, March, May and September) for the master’s course while for the doctorate course admissions are held in January, May and September.The tuition cost for an online course ranges from $48000-52000.

Back to you, what other best online schools for education to be included in this list?

Best Education Schools

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