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Reasons As To Why You Should Go To Online School?

Updated on July 18, 2015

How to go to School Online!

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Going to School Online

Going to School Online; Interested in going to one of the best online schools or What are Online Classes Like? Well, depending on what stage in life you are in, it is not unusual to toy with the idea of taking and online course to turbo-charge your career prospects. With all the possibility the internet has to offer, it is now within one’s reach to get an online course even from the very best universities that a few years ago seemed so far fetched to the average person out there.

Is It Cheaper To Go To School Online?

Though in theory online students pay more or less the same tuition fees as traditional students, those living on campus end spending more on “subtle” charges like accommodation fees and the cost of commuting which can substantially add to your final cost. Meanwhile if you take an online course, you won’t have to pay for extra cost for a student room because you will be living in your usual address.

As computers get more embedded into our collective culture, most tasks are being accomplished online. One area that has seen an unprecedented rise in online activity is online education. There is a proliferation of online schools, from top raking universities to online certification schools. You could be probably thinking of dipping your foot in online school to foster your career prospects. Here below are some of the general things that people ask when they consider taking studies online.

Should I Go To Online School?

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How acceptable are online degrees to employers?

Employers are quite accommodating to online graduates because the degree you receive will not indicate that you completed your degree online.

Besides, completing your degree online within a short time could indicate to an employer that you are a “go-getter” because getting an online degree takes a great deal of self discipline, motivation and focus.

These are qualities that are highly desired by employers. As always the more qualification you get, the less competition you face. This coupled with shortage of highly skilled employees make online graduates quite receptive in the job market. Just like with traditional degrees, the more prestigious the institution you receive your degree from, the more on demand you become.

How do I check to know that the online-school I enroll in is a quality school?

To know a top quality online school, look out for details like the accreditation of the university. Ideally go for universities accredited by industry leading bodies.

These tend to have set minimum standards the universities have to maintain to sustain their accreditation. Regional accreditation and higher tend to be more reliable accreditation bodies. You can visit the accreditation body to check details of the online school you desire.

Also check out the course structure and the likely mode of training. Do not go for those online schools that promise to cover a two year degree course in six months or something crazy like. Go for credit based tuition fees as opposed general flat rate tuition.

I Want To Go To Online School

Go to school online!
Go to school online! | Source

Will my diploma and transcript indicate that I completed my study online?

Your transcripts and diploma will only have the name of your university, the course you studied, the grade you scored and of course the date you received your degree.

Nowhere in the diploma is it stated the manner in which you completed your study. No one will ever know that you completed your course online unless you disclose it to someone.

Will all of my college credits transfer to my online school?

Most universities allow you to transfer your credits if you meet the conditions given. In most cases your credits needs to be from a recognized accredited college, without which many universities will not allow you to transfer.

I have already gone through the admission process, am I now registered then?

Once you have completed the admission process, the admissions panel will review your application and send you registration details by mail and email.

The admission details will include your student number and login details among other things. At this stage consider yourself registered.

School Online registration

What do I need to do to complete my online school registration? In order to complete the registration process, you simply need to adhere to the registration requirements. If for instance a GRE score is needed, arrange to have this done.

Once you have gathered all the required documents, send them to the admissions department and write a follow up email to be sure that your application has been received. Your application will be acknowledged and you will be given an indication of the time frame you expect to hear from the admissions.

How will the graduation be managed?

Do on line school students’ graduate with on campus cohorts?

Yes! Most university have one graduation for both onsite and online students. You are encouraged to attend graduation, though in most cases online students tend not to attend graduation ceremonies.

School Online that offer financial aid

Are scholarships or financial aid available to online schooling students?

Most online schools run some forms of scholarship especially for home students. Home students are eligible for financial aid even though they are online students. For international students, there are trusts and scholarship bodies that partner with the universities that could give you scholarships if you merit the fund.

Do I need good computers skills to be successful in on-line school classes?

Not really you, all you need is basic knowledge on using emails. Other tasks like searching the internet for information does not need any specialized skill, so you will be just fine even with zilch internet know how.

Even if you know nothing about the internet, sending emails will not take you more than ten minutes to figure out. Besides the induction package will explain everything that you will need to do in detail and you can always ask your advisor a question if you get stuck.

How will I know that online schooling is right for me?

This depends entirely on you. If you have the time and flexibility, I still believe on site traditional schooling is the thing. However if you have limitations like inflexibility due to work or have a young family, then online classes are the most viable option for you.

To be successful in online study, you need to be focused and disciplined, by disciplined I mean the ability to do and complete tasks even when you don’t feel like doing them. Just put it in your mind that you have to complete and submit your assignments’ in time. You should also set and manage your schedules, knowing very well that you need to set aside time to study, research and write assignments’.

Do online school students get identification cards?

Yes. Most online schools are allowed to access on site facilities if they live within range of the university facility. If you were not sent a student identification card with your admission package, you can request for one by emailing the admissions desk. In some cases you may be asked to pay a small fee of for example 25 dollars to get your online school student ID.

How does online school compare with traditional schools?

This mainly depends on your preferred way of learning. From your own chosen way of learning you can determine whether online based schooling is easier for you than campus based learning.

Online learning as I have already hinted requires you to be self disciplined and able to focus on what you want to achieve while on campus based, sometimes you don’t need rigorous military like discipline because there is the professor who will occasionally remind you about your deadline, you can also share information with fellow students who you meet daily in class.

I am an international applicant can I enroll in on-line schools in USA/UK?

Yes! International students are encouraged to apply, indeed online courses were partly started to cater for students who lived in distant places, so be sure to apply and receive a diploma from a prestigious university to bolster your career prospects.

How do institutions manage academic integrity in an online school?

Faculty staff members are trained to spot out plagiarism or even impersonation. Remember you are always in contact through email with your professors.

They thus can thus tell if there is a big disconnect between your normal way of writing and your written assignment. If professors sniff any violation of academic integrity, they will dig deep to discover any anomaly. You can be sure any perpetrator will be caught. There is therefore assurance that academic integrity is kept intact.

Going To Online School

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