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Bullying Stories

Updated on October 23, 2014
Bullying stories
Bullying stories | Source

Experiences & Stories about Bullying

From short true school bullying stories (including real life personal experiences & books based on articles in the news) to children's books & eBooks including cyber bullying stories for kids & teenagers. These tales show the very real social problem that is all too often ignored.

Useful anti-bullying games and activities are also suggested to prevent and help find solutions to these types of situations, and to open the lines of communication for victims.

As a parent I can't help but look back at my own experiences as a child, and the many power struggles that existed between peers. Teachers & parents need to become aware of the subtle signs that can signal the beginning of troubled relationships in the early stages. Effective communication including asking the right questions and active listening, and sometimes first hand observations are essential.

I can still remember a seemingly simple incident that occurred when I was 5. I can't help but wonder how many of these tiny little episodes strung together along the way help to shape the kind of persons we become later in life...

School Bullying in Elementary School

I was only 5 and it was my first day at a new school, I might have been a little excited or a little anxious as most kids often are, but when my mom left as we all lined up to enter the classroom, I was in good spirits. Everyone lined up and so did I, now I don't recall what led up to it or why or if (most likely) there was no reason at all but I just remember bursting into tears after being suddenly shoved to the ground by a very hostile little girl. To add insult to injury on seeing the approach of the teacher (who hadn't actually seen or heard the incident) the same little girl quickly demanded that I get up while stretching her hand towards me, as though making a friendly gesture to help the fallen. As the teacher asked what had happened, I managed to tell her between sobs. The teacher basically said something to the effect of "don't be silly, she couldn't have pushed you, don't you see she is trying to help you up?" ...

"Dear Bully" presents 70 stories with a variety of these oppressive types of experiences from the viewpoints of the victim, observer and even the bully. This book provides a good assortment of true tales of these types of abusive relationships in various situations.

...I was both emotionally hurt and afraid, I felt that she could do anything she wanted to me and then put up an innocent front so that to the teacher, I would be seen as either a liar or simply making things up. I had no protection.

I remember going to school the next day and when I saw this girl again I got all teary eyed and quickly ran to my mom clinging to her and not wanting her to leave me.

The feelings of hurt, fear and mistrust and feeling that even the person in authority couldn't protect me is something I still remember today. The way in which girls can have the ability to be so mean in at one second and so seemingly deceptively sweet in the next is also something I couldn't quite forget.

Being bullied can start with small beginnings

Although this was only one minor incident this is how bullying can often begin, with caretakers and adults that are not fully aware of the situation, and a child who knows they can get away with bullying because of their ability hide the truth or manipulate the situation.

What happens when children are continuously mistreated by their peers and the adults are left in the dark? These types of negative emotions of fear and vulnerability can set in and scar the victim for life.

Now that I have a child of a similar age I can't help but wonder what happens when I'm not there, when the teacher is too preoccupied, and the bullying begins, when a child might be too young to properly express what is really happening.

One day I was on my way home and happened to be accompanied by an older schoolmate who was a great friend and a bit "rough around the edges". As we approached the intersection my bully was already there waiting for me. She didn't hesitate to start the verbal abuse. My friend beside me who had a short fuse that easily ignited her hot temper and sharp tongue became thoroughly lit and exploded in kind.

Now the shoe was on the other foot and I watched my bully hurry away as a barrage of insults were loudly fired at her. I was relieved thrilled and grateful. I felt like I was standing next to a superhero, and even my peace loving nature breathed a sign of gratitude.

All I remember after this is that I never had any other incidents with this bully.

Early Childhood Bullying

A Friend in need... an unexpected hero

I remember walking home from primary school on several occasions and being bullied by a girl from another school. She was verbally abusive and physically threatening. I remember adjusting the time I left school, often later than usual, so that paths hopefully didn't cross.

I would be on the lookout to see if she was at the intersection where we often crossed wondering if she had already left or was just around the corner.

I always tried to be on the opposite side of the street when I passed here and tried to be invisible, but she seemed to need someone to pick on, to dominate, and I was easy prey...

Stories about bullying

About bullying in schools

Sometimes relationships in a school setting can become so complicated that even friends can be the source of bullying. According to the book "My Secret Bully" this is called "relational aggression" and in the book pictured here written for 2nd to 5th graders, the complex relationship of friendship and mean bullying between girls is explored.

With friends like you...

I can remember a seemingly inseparable friendship between two high school girls where the more domineering friend would frequently take unkind jabs at the other just for fun in the midst of others.

Although these jabs were often taken in stride, they were often harsh, somewhat demeaning and completely unnecessary. These jabs were the kind that would cause others to wonder why they are even friends.

Why should one friend say things that could set the other up for ridicule and teasing by their peers? Is there a need to feel superior or simply to a have a laugh at another's expense? Can this truly be called a healthy friendship?

When friendships start bordering on emotional abuse, a lack of respect, neglect for one's feelings and a lack of care for the consequences of negative words, these "friendships" need to be reevaluated and changed or set aside.

Bullying at school can take many forms, from verbal abuse by classmates to physical abuse by older schoolmates and even various forms of emotional abuse from so called friends.

What is your experience with bullying ?

See results

The "Bullying Clever Catch Ball" below is best suited for kids in Grades 2 to 6. It uses several questions to open up the lines of communication about aggression, harassment, abuse and anger management. An answer sheet is also provided for guidance. This is a great tool for teacher student discussions in a classroom setting.

The "No Bullies Needed Puppet Set" on the right includes puppets plus scripts for puppet plays including a "mean girl" and "playground bully" written by a licensed counselor who has experience in this field. Also included is a teacher's guide. This is an entertaining way to teach students to exercise good judgment in conflict situations. Puppets are between 16" and 18" in height.

Another unlikely source of bullying...

I remember in high school being subject to this type of abuse from a teacher who had been notorious for this practice on a selection of students for many years. I would go to class fearfully, hoping to be invisible, and off of the radar, hoping that if she had to go on a rampage this time that it would be someone else's turn. It was definitely a negative learning environment.

It's really sad and dangerous when an adult in a position of authority, such as a teacher, is the bully, but such is the case with teacher bullying. The teenage years can be stressful and difficult enough but when added to the mix is a teacher that is constantly on the warpath to publicly humiliate, berate or embarrass particular students in class with personal insults; this can be literally a deadly combination. Thinking back I wonder if I had been a weaker person, if this teacher could have been my tipping point... the added factor that would make a troubled teenager think that life really wasn't worth living and make an exit.

Although teacher bullying might not be very common today, it does exist, especially in situations where the demand for a particular expertise that a teacher might have is so great and the reporting system is so flawed or ineffective that a blind eye could be turned to the information that didn't first fall on deaf ears.

Call it verbal abuse or any other name, when a teacher continuously makes pubic personal attacks, picks on and belittles a student in class, it's a form of bullying.

To the right are a couple of good resources for teachers who actually want to take a stand against bullying and make a difference:

Teacher Bullying

Have you ever been bullied by a teacher or witnessed teacher bullying?

See results

Interesting tales & coping techniques

Coach Kozak has some very helpful advise for the various scenarios presented in this video. I find it interesting that he also was subject to relational aggression as mentioned on this page above. It just goes to show that this abuse in it's various forms is both widespread and gender-less.

Cyber Bullying Stories - Books and Stories about Cyber Bullying

In today's world the use of modern technology can be one of the most prevalent and abusive forms of bullying. The anonymity of the internet, ease of use and accessibility plus lack of supervision and law enforcement are just a few of the factors that makes this problem very real, and can make the lives of victims more of a living nightmare than before.

"The Truth about Truman School" is a book suitable for 5th to 8th Graders. The story explores the world of anonymous online gossip, rumors and malicious photos, and the how the abuse of the internet can affect its victims.

In the book entitled "Facebook Killed Amanda Todd" the real life story of the tragic consequences of cyber abuse is told, this book is suitable for teens and parents and adults in general.

The disturbing part of this trend is that in the past victims could leave the situation in which they were bullied, by for instance leaving the group or school, growing up and leaving behind negative relationships and acquaintances or leaving the area they grew up in where the incidents occurred.

However the internet makes escape much more difficult since the information (especially when photos and videos are involved) is quickly and easily spread, and can often be permanent, plus victims can often be tracked online despite their physical location.

I know of countless tales of young people who may have made a wrong choice or have been a victim in some way, who have had to endure the misery of being harassed online with uploaded pictures, videos and comments for the world to see. The world wide web of Cyber bullying in many ways can truly be like being caught in a giant spider's web.

"The Defeat of the Cyber Bully" is a fun fictional children's book that attempts to teach young kids how to respond to online harassers before they become victims - suitable for preschoolers.

Real life, true stories about bullying

These true tales of bullying help show are both powerful and inspiring.

Some titles are available for download while others are in hardcover and paperback book format.

"End It Now" is an autobiography of a teenage boy and how the physical abuse of his tormentor almost led to his death.

This story is available in paperback.


"Tread Softly" tells the tragic story of the harassment of Phoebe Prince that led to the teens death in 2010.

This ebook is a good read for teenagers, parents and teacher.

Anti bullying activities to help stop bullying

These Fun anti-bullying games and activities shown below focus on opening up the lines of communication:

"Bully Wise" ...Educational Dominoes is a great twist on the original dominoes game. Before placing a domino tile Players must pick a card to answer a question relating to harassing relationships or use a skill, the cards are grouped according to victims, bullies, bystanders or extra help. It is suitable for 2 to 5 players and is geared towards children grades 1 to 5.

"Anti Bullying" activity books - This fun set of 24 activity books is themed around anti bullying, they can be folded out to 8.5 x 11 individual sheets with 8 activities each.

"Bullies, Victims & Bystanders" This board game uses pawns, playing cards, and a die to teach about how hurtful oppressive relationships can be and how to overcome it. This is a good tool for teaching children good behavior and positive anti-bullying habits.

Help for Victims of Bullying - Helpful resources & Bullying Articles Online

If you are a victim - please see the section "Help for Victims of Bullying" below

Any stories of bullying to share? - ... or simply an opinion ?

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    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you Minnetonka Twin, and thanks for sharing your story. I love hearing stories about how persons who have had various types of experiences with bullying have been able to use it as a positive force for change. Today more than ever where cyber bullying is becoming a serious problem, it's good to have advocates that are ready to intervene, protect victims and help stop the abuse before it grows out of control.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      You did an amazing job on this bullying article. I have watched kids and teachers be bullied. I also feel horrible to admit that I was part of a group bullying situation in the school bus in grade school. I was blessed to bump into the poor girl in high school and asked for her forgiveness. She humbled me by granting me forgiveness. I told her that I was weak when I didn't have the courage to stop the primary bully from chiding the rest of us on. I made sure to let her know it was nothing about her that she was bullied, but all about the people that were verbally bullying her. I told her that bullies are weak and scared. I told her that the day in the bus haunted me and I will always be an advocate now and speak up for those being bullied. I actually wrote a hub about it. So much of bullying is related to self-esteem or lack of. To fit in, many who never would have thought to bully, get caught up in it. I did, and it forever changed me and the power I gave to others. I'll be sharing this very important hub.

    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your experience with bullying, I love to see when kids as young as 5yrs old have not only an understanding of what is wrong and right in a social setting amount their peers, but have the courage to stand up and make a difference. It's these little things that show us the beauty of their personality and future leadership skills.

      I was just reading an article in Forbes magazine that stated that 1 in 3 people experience bullying in the workplace and 1 in 5 have left a job due to bullying, I'm surprised that it's so prevalent among adults in the workplace.

      Yes, bullying is getting far worse thanks to the use and abuse of social media, 50 years ago bullying was seldom on a scale that would drive victims to take their lives as often as it does today.

    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 

      6 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      I saw a child in my class bullied when I was about 5 years old. She was Indian and one of the other girls was telling everyone they would catch warts if they hung out with her. I've always been a champion for the underdog, so I immediately went over to her and hung out with her. I loathe bulling in all its forms. I have been lucky enough to see very little bullying and to have only been slightly bullied myself. It does seem to be getting far worse and, worryingly, more violent, as the years pass.

      Also the advent of social media, although great is used correctly, seems to have increased bullying on a major scale, which is of great concern to me.

    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @DealForALiving It's true that the occasional jabs of bullying are often part of childhood, unfortunately too many kids and teens get trapped in a situation where they have to endure various types and degrees of bullying on a regular basis from an abusive individual. Some kids rather than outgrowing occasional bullying behavior learn ways to become more manipulative and predatory as teens and adults.

    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @favored Great to know. This is an excellent example of how one can be affected by bullying, and use that experience to influence your life choices in a positive way; also you decided not to ignore the problem like many do, but be someone who could stop it from happening to another child. Being bullied by a teacher is a difficult situation for a child to have to deal with, but thankfully there are also a few teachers like you that know it exists and not to turn a blind eye. Thank you.

    • DealForALiving profile image

      Nick Deal 

      6 years ago from Earth

      Everyone is affected by bullying, as you've really alluded to. Either you're getting bullied, watching someone getting bullied, or doing the bullying. It's as if kids need to have a Bullying 101 when starting out so they have some framework to deal with it all.

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      6 years ago from USA

      Actually one of the reason I became a teacher was because of a bully teacher. I didn't want that to happen to another child if I could help it.

    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your story Ibidii. Being bullied for being different can be so damaging to a child especially to their self esteem. It's sad that those that often have the power to stop the bullying often turn a blind eye. In school settings children are often in a vulnerable situation where they are away from the protective care of parents and adult relatives, the person that has the greatest power to change the negative situation is often the teacher, so when this authority figure makes no attempt to intervene it often creates a situation where the bully believes that they have the power in this setting to do as they please and the victim often dreads playtime at school or any similar unstructured situation. Online bullying is especially sad because when I was growing up many of the things that might have triggered bullying (such as the way you were dressed or having an embarrassing situation), these things were temporary and soon forgotten. Today the bully takes a photo or video, posts it online with a negative comment, and that one moment seems to go on forever, there seem to be endless jabs, and the teasing and laughter seems to never end, even from hundreds of persons around the world who the victim never knew. Being bullied and having the world as a laughing audience day after day can be quite cruel, and is something most adults have little experience dealing with.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I was bullied when I was a child. I do not remember too much being bullied before I went to school. I do not recall the teachers stopping the bullying, either. I was legally blind and the kids teased me terribly. I had an overbite as well. So they excluded me from the games. When the teacher was in charge she or he did nothing to include me or make the teams himself so no one was left out. I was always picked last. I could not see the ball at all. I have seen my own kids bullied. It never ends. I am so glad to see that there are books and that the teachers are better these days to keep an eye out. What is awful is the online bullying. So sad to hear of people ending their lives because of bullying. Great hubs.

    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks, for sharing this Elsie, it's important that people (especially parents and teachers) realize that the scars that childhood experiences like bullying leave behind are often so deep that they never completely go away. Many adults react to others in a way that is tainted by these types of negative early experiences.

    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I agree, I once thought that bullying was restricted to school kids but it really is everywhere, adult bullies simply find different means to control and abuse their victims in whatever situation they might find.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Interesting hub, I can feel your pain as I was bullied at school. To this day nearly 70 years later I still feel in secure with people I don't know and never look a stranger in the eye incase they take a fence of me.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Veey well ssone. It really bothers me that bullies seem to be everywhere.

    • Jemjoseph profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @flycatcherrr: Thanks for sharing your story Flycatcher.

    • flycatcherrr profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm nagged by the memory of a Chilean girl who came to our school in grade 5 and got teased quite unmercifully because she said her grandfather had been the president of Chile or something of the sort - heavens, could well have been so, for all we knew! It is the one time I recall a teacher ever having to step in to stop "bullying" in my small hometown, and for decades I've wished that I'd had the maturity and courage to speak up and take her side.


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